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U.S. Dismisses Report That Says Biotech Corn Should Be Better Regulated to Protect Mexican Countryside

Mexico is trying to limit the importation of genetically modified corn from the United States after a NAFTA watchdog group recommended better regulation of the crop, something U.S. officials have said is unnecessary. >> Read the Full Article

Abraham Sees Congress Backing Alaskan Oil Drilling

U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said Wednesday he was optimistic the new Congress would vote next year to allow oil drilling in an Alaskan wildlife refuge. >> Read the Full Article

Marsh Grass Threatens Plants in S.F. Bay

An exotic marsh grass is spreading throughout San Francisco Bay more rapidly than anticipated, threatening native plants and birds and prompting an urgent search for ways to eradicate it. >> Read the Full Article

Australian Farm Group Announces Research

Farmers said Tuesday they are investigating alternatives to slicing flesh from live sheep to prevent them from becoming infested with flies, after animal advocates urged a boycott of Australian wool to protest the "grossly inhumane" practice. >> Read the Full Article

Zoological Society Unveils Research Center at San Diego Wild Animal Park

A new research center at the San Diego Wild Animal Park is giving animal conservation researchers a chance to spread their wings -- or at least their elbows and imaginations. >> Read the Full Article

Feds Reject Considering White-Tailed Prairie Dog for Protection

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rejected a request Tuesday to consider federal protection for the white-tailed prairie dog, prompting the threat of a lawsuit by environmental groups. >> Read the Full Article

Interior Secretary Eyes Potential for Sage Grouse to Disrupt Development

Despite millions in federal spending for private landowners to set aside acreage for a rare grouse species, Interior Secretary Gale Norton sees "very significant potential" for the bird to disrupt plans to tap natural gas and oil in the West. >> Read the Full Article

Golf Courses Make Good Homes for Birds

A new study shows that golf courses can be good homes for more than one kind of birdie. >> Read the Full Article

Americans, Europeans May Never Agree When it Comes to Fuel-Efficient Cars

In America, $2-a-gallon gas is still new, and they're lining up for a car called the Toyota Prius that will get an honest 44 miles per gallon. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Sue over Snowmobile Plan in Yellowstone National Park

Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit over the National Park Service's plan for allowing snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park for the next three winters. >> Read the Full Article