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Flightless New Zealand Icon Claws Back from Brink

An imaginative plan and a dose of national guilt could save New Zealand's flightless icon, the once abundant kiwi, from extinction. >> Read the Full Article

Illegal Ivory Easy to Get Online

In a practice that goes virtually unchecked, a new analysis suggests customers are buying, with a mouse-click, what appear to be illegal new ivory trinkets by thousands. >> Read the Full Article

Canadian Whale Speared by Cruise Ship

It wasn't until the U.S. cruise ship had pulled into port in Atlantic Canada that those on board made a gruesome discovery -- the body of a large whale was impaled on the vessel's bow. >> Read the Full Article

The Environmental Pros and Cons of Damming Rivers for Hydropower, and Nut Allergies in Children

Hydropower has been part of Americaís energy mix since the 1880s when the worldís first hydroelectric plant began operation on the Fox River in Appleton, Wisconsin. By the 1940s, hydropower accounted for about 40 percent of Americaís energy needs. >> Read the Full Article

Locusts Encroach on West African Rice-Growing Area

West Africa's worst locust plague for 15 years has encroached on one of the region's largest rice-growing areas. >> Read the Full Article

California OKs Toughest Auto Emissions Rules

California has adopted the world's first rules to reduce greenhouse emissions for autos, taking what supporters see as a dramatic step toward cleaning up the environment but also ensuring higher costs for drivers. >> Read the Full Article

Anthrax Outbreak Hits Animal Preserves

An outbreak of anthrax has killed at least 1,500 wild game animals in nature preserves in southeastern Zimbabwe. >> Read the Full Article

Rumbling at Mount St. Helens Triggers Alert

Government scientists have warned hikers and researchers not to go near the crater of the Mount St. Helens volcano because there is an "increased likelihood" an explosion could occur, sending rocks and debris down the side of the mountain. >> Read the Full Article

Thai Suspected Bird Flu Case Fans Human Link Fear

Thailand, rattled by fears a girl passed bird flu to her mother, says it has no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the deadly H5N1 virus in the country. >> Read the Full Article

Number Of Dead From Haiti Floods Tops 1,070, With 1,250 Others Missing

Trucks dumped scores of bodies into a mass grave in this flood-ravaged city still littered with corpses, as officials said the death toll from Tropical Storm Jeanne rose to more than 1,070 and could double again. >> Read the Full Article