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Fish Won't Be Hurt by Moving Northern California Water South, Says Federal Agency

A federal agency ruled recently that shifting more Northern California water to Southern California will not jeopardize five threatened or endangered species of fish. >> Read the Full Article

Whistle-Blower Asks for Halliburton Investigation

The Army Corps of Engineers' top contracting official has demanded an investigation into contracts given to Halliburton, citing improper action that favored Vice President Dick Cheney's old company. >> Read the Full Article

Lung Ailments Affect Two in Five in India's Polluted Capital, Says Report

New Delhi's air pollution has caused lung ailments in two of every five people in this capital city of 14 million, a government study said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Quake Survivors Face Rain and Aftershocks

Some 100,000 weary survivors of Japan's deadliest earthquake in a decade bedded down for a third night in makeshift shelters or slept outside as a series of strong aftershocks raised fears of another big tremor. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Seen as Security Threat

Rising sea levels force millions of Bangladeshis into India, fueling ethnic and religious tensions that end in bloody riots. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Tax Bill Includes Benefits for Ethanol, Ohio Lawmaker Says

A tax bill that has gained congressional and presidential approval contains subsidies for smaller ethanol plants like that being proposed in Lima, U.S. Rep. Michael Oxley said. >> Read the Full Article

United States Gets a New Wildlife Refuge

A 35,000-acre tallgrass prairie and wetland area near Crookston, Minnesota, has been designated the country's newest national wildlife refuge by U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton. >> Read the Full Article

Crude Oil Prices Threaten U.S. Economic Growth

Consumer prices, stable in south-central Pennsylvania and nationwide over the past several years, could increase in response to the recent surge in crude-oil prices, economic experts say. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Groups and Scientists Call for Restrictions and Research on GM Food

More than 35 people, most of them leaders of scientific or environmental activist groups, released a letter recently urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to set limits on the development and use of genetically modified foods. >> Read the Full Article

Gulf War Illness May Never Be Explained, Says Scientist

Veterans of the Gulf War suffer more health problems than other members of the military, but the causes of the mysterious array of symptoms may never be known, a leading British scientist said recently. >> Read the Full Article