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Technology Already Exists to Stabilize Climate, Say Experts

PRINCETON, New Jersey — Existing technologies could stop the escalation of global warming for 50 years, and work on implementing them can begin immediately, according to an analysis by Princeton University scientists. >> Read the Full Article

Is Agribusiness Making Food Less Nutritious?

Growing evidence indicates that today's fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products have less vitamins and nutrients than in the past. >> Read the Full Article

Gas, Engineering Firm Plans To Invest In Thai Ethanol Plant

BANGKOK, Thailand — Picnic Gas and Engineering Plc is poised to invest 1.7 billion baht to build an ethanol production plant with a capacity of 500,000 litres per day in a bid to become a full energy-networking company within the next three years. >> Read the Full Article

EarthTalk: Do urban trees really help reduce pollution and clean the air?

Dear EarthTalk: Do urban trees really help reduce pollution and clean the air? Find out the answer to this question and others in this segment of EarthTalk. >> Read the Full Article

Fertilizer Manufacturer Dumps Damaging Water Into Tampa, Fla., Creek

TAMPA, Fla. — A month ago, Cargill Crop Nutrition received an award for its environmental stewardship.
On Tuesday, company representatives stood watch as government officials surveyed the environmental damage created when the fertilizer manufacturer dumped 60 million gallons of acidic water into a creek leading to Hillsborough Bay. >> Read the Full Article

Wisconsin papermaker says U.S. industry rapidly losing innovation and jobs

Art Rankin took his first job in the paper industry when he was 16. He's 68 now, several years retired from his role as technical director for the Appleton Coated Paper's Locks Mill. >> Read the Full Article

Rift in Kenya Cabinet over Masai Land Rights

A Kenyan Cabinet minister threw his weight behind a campaign by Masai tribesmen to reclaim ancestral land allocated to British settlers Thursday, breaking ranks with the government on the controversial issue. >> Read the Full Article

ACEEE Names Five Champions of Energy Efficiency

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy presented five Champion of Energy Efficiency Awards at its biennial conference, the Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, recognizing leadership and accomplishment in the energy efficiency field. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Say Risk of Water Wars Is Rising

The risk of wars being fought over water is rising because of explosive global population growth and widespread complacency, scientists said recently. >> Read the Full Article

Revealing Dhaka: The Hope of Bangladesh

Deep within the Bengal Delta, amidst a maze of rivers and canals, lies Dhaka, the vibrant capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka is in fact the last big urban stop on the great Gangetic stream as it cascades into the sea. Home to over ten million people, this fast-growing city is one of the most densely inhabited places on earth. >> Read the Full Article