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Experts Warn Ships May Bring Lake Invaders

Ships navigating the St. Lawrence Seaway may carry more than coal and grain through the Great Lakes, say environmentalists, who warned Thursday about potential secondary "cargo" like killer shrimp or monkey gobies. >> Read the Full Article

Kyoto Protocol Tough for Emerging Economies, South Korea's Environment Minister Says

It will be impossible for emerging industrial powers such as China and South Korea ever to comply with the U.N. Kyoto Protocol on curbing greenhouse gas emissions, South Korea's environment minister said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Octopuses Observed Avoiding Predators

Octopuses, known for using camouflage to avoid predators, have been observed apparently trying to sneak away by walking on two arms while pretending to be a bunch of algae. Two kinds of octopus were seen to use different ways of walking along the sea floor, researchers were reporting in Friday's issue of the journal Science. >> Read the Full Article

Tsunami Silt Threatens Indian Ocean's Coral

Three months after the Indian Ocean tsunami, divers are still pulling mattresses and metal from the coral-lined bays of Thai paradise isles, although experts say overall reef damage is not that bad. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Work on Sensors for Detecting Bioterrorism Attack Faulted

Cities are not getting all the protections President Bush ordered last year to detect a biological terrorism attack, the Environmental Protection Agency's internal watchdog said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Week in Review: March 21st - 25th

ENN's editors summarize the most compelling environmental and sustainable economy news of the week. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Cow Shares

More and more people are realizing the value of drinking whole milk, and many of those people are going directly to the source to get it. >> Read the Full Article

It's 2005... Do You Know Where Your Beef Comes From?

(By Joyce H. Newman) The recent decision to postpone the reopening of the Canadian border to beef imports is a very good decision for consumers and the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Government Awards Contracts to Clean Up Washington, Idaho Nuclear Sites

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded two contracts valued in the billions of dollars Wednesday to clean up portions of two nuclear sites in Washington and Idaho. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Center for Biodiversity Research and Information

Biodiversity is critical for our survival on Earth. But biodiversity is about more than a mix of plants and animals. >> Read the Full Article