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Stock Your Garden Shed with Eco-Friendly Tools

Hundreds of products on the market today can assist you in creating the garden of your dreams, but how many of them line up with your goal of sustainability? ENN's research has turned up some innovative, Earth-friendly tools that just might help you get the job done. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Protection, the Economy, and Jobs: What is the Bottom Line?

Does environmental protection harm the economy and destroy jobs or facilitate economic growth and create jobs? >> Read the Full Article

Professor, Students Donate Website Proceeds to Renewable Energy Projects

Karl Ulrich, a proud environmentalist who bikes to work daily, used to fret over what his fuel-thirsty Ford F-150 pickup did to the atmosphere every time he drove from Pennsylvania to property he owns in Vermont. >> Read the Full Article

Tons of Experimental Biotech Corn Inadvertently Shipped to Farmers

Swiss biotechnology company Syngenta AG said Tuesday it mistakenly sold to farmers an experimental corn seed genetically engineered to resist bugs that was never approved by U.S. regulators, bolstering critics' claims that the industry needs tighter government scrutiny. >> Read the Full Article

Lawsuit Threatened over River

The Elkhorn Slough Coalition has put the Bush administration on notice that it plans to sue two federal agencies and California American Water Co. over the effects of overpumping on the Carmel River. >> Read the Full Article

Dozens of Dolphins Make Surprise Visit to Israeli Port

Dozens of dolphins arched in line out of the polluted waters of Haifa harbor Tuesday, in an unprecedented visit to the crowded Mediterranean port that surprised and delighted researchers. >> Read the Full Article

China Faces Severe Water Shortages, Mounting Rollution Problems, Report Says

China's already severe water shortages are worsening due to heavy pollution of lakes and aquifers and urban development projects with a big thirst for water, such as lawns and fountains, state media reported. >> Read the Full Article

Dozens of States Declare Support for Nuclear Power

Nuclear power can play a key role in the 21st century in helping nations meet their energy needs and reduce the spread of greenhouse gases, a statement backed by nearly all 74 states at a nuclear conference said. >> Read the Full Article

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Campaigns for Clean Water

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio helped environmentalists launch an international campaign Tuesday to draw attention to the billion people worldwide who don't have access to clean water. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Unveils Annual Seal Hunt, Blasts Activists

Canada said Tuesday it would allow 320,000 young seals to be killed this year and lashed out at activists who promise to boycott Canadian seafood products in a bid to stop the hunt. >> Read the Full Article