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National Renewable Energy Laboratory Gets New Director in Golden, Colo.

Dan E. Arvizu was named director Tuesday of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden by U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham. >> Read the Full Article

New York to Get Easements on 104,000 Acres of Adirondack Forest

New York will acquire easements on more than 104,000 acres of Adirondack forest lands in what is described as the third largest land acquisition in the state's history. >> Read the Full Article

21 EU Nations Ready to Make Kyoto Emissions Cuts

The European Union head office said it approved a further five national emissions trading plans Thursday, as the EU began participating in the Kyoto climate change pact this month. >> Read the Full Article

Portland, Ore.-Based Crown Pacific's Creditors Take Over 522,000 Acres

Crown Pacific Partners on Dec. 31 transferred 522,000 acres to a new company, Cascade Timberlands LLC, owned by Crown's major creditors. >> Read the Full Article

Los Angeles Agency's Touted 'Green Power' Program is Running out of Steam

Despite spending millions to promote its clean-energy effort, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has lost nearly 75 percent of the program's participants -- many of them phantom, nonpaying customers. >> Read the Full Article

Top 3 Japan Automakers to Give 580 Million Yen to Tsunami Relief

Toyota Motor Corp. and two other top Japanese automakers on Thursday announced plans worth a total of 580 million yen for relief efforts in Southeast Asia after the Dec. 26 devastating earthquake and tsunami. >> Read the Full Article

Thai Rescuers Save Trapped Dolphin, Calf Missing

Rescuers saved a rare dolphin swept over a Thai beach by the tsunami which devasted shores around the Indian Ocean, but failed to find her calf in a filthy lake left behind by the giant wave. >> Read the Full Article

Experts Dismiss Hong Kong Government Fears of Post-Tsunami Fish

Hong Kong's government has urged residents not to eat seafood from tsunami-affected areas as they may be tainted, but experts brushed off such fears on Wednesday, saying the effects of the catastrophe on fish were minimal. >> Read the Full Article

Tsunami May Accelerate Maldives' Dilemma: Relocate or Perish

Shopkeeper Mohammed Ibrahim stands among the ruins of his once-idyllic island home and explains why he wants to leave forever. >> Read the Full Article

Conservationists in India Call Scarce 'Mermaids' in Peril after Tsunami

Conservationists in the Capital are worried that the Dugong Creek may well lose all dugongs in the post-tsunami Andaman. >> Read the Full Article