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EarthNews Radio: Hemp Industry Association

Businesses with hemp-based products face a number of challenges from legislatures. One organization is working to make consumers aware of the benefits of hemp. >> Read the Full Article

Interior Secretary Turns Down Request to Reduce Release of Colorado River Water

California, Arizona and Nevada have scored an apparent victory in an ongoing dispute with four other Western states over how best to share water from the Colorado River in times of drought. >> Read the Full Article

United Nations Meet to Seek Safer Ways to Kill Insect Pests

A U.N. meeting this week will seek new ways to kill mosquitoes and termites as part of a plan to bolster a 2004 ban on use of a "dirty dozen" toxic chemicals. Some pesticides on the blacklist of 12 industrial toxins are still in use to keep humanity's worst insect foes at bay even though they have been blamed for deaths, cancers or birth defects in humans and animals. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: 'Green' Flowers

Mother's Day is often celebrated by giving flowers. But what do we really know about flower production, considering nearly 70% of all cut flowers sold in the United States are grown abroad? >> Read the Full Article

Hunt's, Orville Redenbacher's to Launch Organic Products

The mainstreaming of organic food continues. Food giant ConAgra announced that two of its well-known brands will be offering organic products later this year. >> Read the Full Article

America's Other Trade Deficit

(By Robert Ovetz, PhD) The massive die off of nearly one half of the US’s honey bees over the past six months indicates an underlying new, as yet unidentified, indicator of national economic well being and public health. >> Read the Full Article

Hybrid Catfish Nears Commercial Use

Like any farmer, catfish growers have a taste for higher yields. Now after three decades of research, a hybrid catfish developed at Auburn University may satisfy that appetite for profit. There are other hybrids in the ponds -- strains of catfish crossed naturally -- but Auburn's hybrid catfish is the first manually fertilized for commercial use, according to its developers. >> Read the Full Article

Nesting Treasury Duck Becomes Tourist Attraction; Then It's Make Way for Ducklings

The duck stops here. After four weeks as Washington's newest tourist attraction, a mother mallard duck and her -- count 'em -- 11 ducklings were transported in a motorcade Sunday to a new and far more suitable setting in Rock Creek Park. >> Read the Full Article

Mercury-Laden Clouds Threaten Utah

Mercury-laden clouds from gold mine smokestacks near Elko, Nev., are floating east and could pose a health threat and damage the ecology of the Great Salt Lake. The mines account for as much as 11 percent of total Mercury emissions in the United States. >> Read the Full Article

California Judge Rejects Challenge to Diesel Emission Rules

Truck drivers face tougher pollution regulations starting Saturday after diesel engine manufacturers lost a court battle to postpone the deadline. >> Read the Full Article