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Africa needs better data to combat global warming
Climate Change Devastating Wildlife in East Africa
Simple And Cheap: Nepal's Application Of Science And Common Sense
Monitoring Climate Change At The Top Of The World
Success Story: Natural Bioengineering In Nepal
The Regreening Of The Himalayas - Community Forestry
Panama: Tropical Trees Stunted By Higher Temperatures
HIV Launches Two-Pronged Attack On Brain
7 Hours From Nearest Road, Power, Nepali Teacher Wins 'Asian Nobel Prize' For Village Wireless Project
Uganda Agricultural Effort Gets $12M From World Bank
Controversy Over GMO Corn Approval In Brazil
Stalk Burning Fuels China Pollution Woes
Bednet Best Defense Against Malaria, Say Researchers
Africa Must Commit To Biosecurity Measures
Insiders Story: Greening China, Cutting Carbon
Chinese Scientist To Lead Global Agriculture Agency
Striking Back: Lightning In The Developing World
Africa: Good nutrition alone cannot fight HIV and tuberculosis
New U.S. Test: CO2 Could Make Grasslands 'Unusable'
Malaria Mosquito's Odour-Sensing Systems Mapped
Clinical Trials To Test Traditional Herbal Medicine To Treat HIV
Climate And Biodiversity Crisis: The Gap Between Research And Policy Should Be Filled
Biodiversity requires global monitoring mechanism
Developing Nations 'Need Genetic Resources Rules'
African Leaders Urge Acceptance of Science & Technology
'Biopiracy' requires reasoned treatment
Hewlett Packard to aid Africa's e-waste battle
Court Halts Introduction Of GMO Rice In The Philippines
Hewlett Packard Helps Fight Africa's E-waste Battle
Hardy Amazon 'Greens InTimes Of Drought
Invasive weed strangles Zambian park
India's Tsunami Warning Center Up And Running
Bird Flu Virus "More Invasive Than Thought'
Vaccine-derived polio spreads in Nigeria
Scientists create flood-resistant rice
India 'Lagging Behind' in Innovation Race
Don't run for President, Mr Gore
Germany Supporting Chilean Renewable Energy Efforts
Academies: We must address energy imbalance
African Expert: Wary Farmers, Not climate Change Is Problem
Germany and India to enhance science alliance
Turning the brain drain from threat to opportunity
Technology alone will not solve energy crisis
UN: Rich countries driving 'ecological debt crisis'
Tunisia opens bank of genetic resources
Cutting forests for farmland 'yields meagre financial benefits'
China moves to tackle pollution effects on health
India stops further trials of HIV vaccine
China and Mexico team up to fight wheat disease
Namibia's poor 'will be hit hard' by climate change
Countries 'ill prepared' as bird flu risk continues
Growing chronic disease will hit poor nations
Scientists unlock secret of emerging chikungunya virus's spread
Chinese Researchers: Climate Change 'Boosts Plant Health In China'
World Bank launches forest defence scheme
South American countries join forces to boost biofuels
Biofuels: Let's look before we leap
Turning plants into pills in Kenya
Traditional medicine plants disappearing as demand rises
Rural Nigeria lights up with solar power
Chile approves native forest law after 15 years
Sugarcane ethanol: Brazil's biofuel success
China amends S&T law to boost research
Northern plants 'losing carbon' due to warming
South Africa gets nanotech underway
China's energy policies 'do not tackle climate change'
Can crops be climate-proofed?
UAE invests US$15 billion in future energy solutions
Colombia, Costa Rica 'top ten' for environment
African, Asian crops 'to be hit hard by climate change'
Indian law 'strangulates' biodiversity research
Chile innovation investment 'may hit US$200 million'
New network seeks to break down science barriers
Germany harmonises development and research
Middle East collaborates on seismic mapping
Crop biofuels 'create carbon debt'
Brave new world: Gulf seeks bold science initiatives
Scientists aid arrest of fake drug producers
Earth sciences need a higher profile
Convert Guantanamo to Disease Research Centre
Indian government boosts science spending
UN: Climate danger for Middle East, North Africa
Conservation areas 'neglected' under current efforts
China/EU alliance 'could be key to low-carbon energy'
Aid needed to help China make carbon cuts
Tropical forest changes 'explained by multiple factors'
Reforming the approach to 'demand-driven' research
Chinese biofuel 'could endanger biodiversity'
Restoring Tanzania's ecosystems
Antibiotic resistance and the developing world
Involve indigenous people in climate policy, says report
Climate assumptions 'optimistic at best'
'Glocal' approach makes global knowledge local
World risks 'scientific apartheid', says top African scientist
S&T has vital role in sustainable farming
Reducing deforestation 'lucrative' for forest nations
US 'plans cut to global agricultural research funds'
Scientists sequence GM papaya genome
Sudanese climate scientist receives prestigious award
New project targets post-harvest loss in Ethiopia
WHO urged to back radical changes in drug R&D
Ignored warnings 'worsened' Myanmar cyclone disaster
UN: Mangrove loss 'intensified' Myanmar cyclone damage
Agri-biotech firms committing 'intellectual property grab'
Climate change having 'worldwide, widespread effects'
Mixed feelings for Pakistan environmental assessments
Climate change 'will cost Andes US$30 billion'
Researchers boost yields of rice-waste biofuel
Take biofuel crops off the land and grow them at sea
UN roadmap paves way for curbing biopiracy
Southern collaboration 'key to adaptation', says climate scientist
Science communicators rise to climate challenge
Sanitation 'crucial' for tackling water-borne disease
Egyptian centre to push Middle East renewables
India launches climate change action plan
African 'wall of trees' gets underway
Conservation areas 'attracting human settlement'
Invest in water for farming, or the world will go hungry
It's a long road to a H5N1 vaccine stockpile
Q&A: Open archives — the alternative to open access
Laos sunshine turns villagers green
Human rights a 'compass' for climate change policies
UAE academy to tackle regional water shortages
Snubbing of local journals skews research
Brazil harnesses space tech to monitor deforestation
Training tree fellers helps cut carbon emissions
Nanotech risk concerns 'must be addressed'
Mexican mangroves 'vital for fishing industry'
African scientists to trial GM tobacco to smoke out landmines
Peru mountain glaciers 'receding rapidly'
Wetlands 'must be preserved' say experts
Tibetan plateau melts in the face of climate change
Kenyan courts consider terminating biofuel plans
China's Olympian efforts to tackle air pollution
Malaria cannot be halted on its own
China ventures into carbon capture
Current climate models 'ignoring brown carbon'
China: Greener than you think
Bangladesh steps up to tackle climate change
São Paulo to invest $63 million on climate research
Chinese innovation 'too isolated'
Innovative development projects receive awards
Small island states must lead by example
Trade and climate policies must be linked post-2012
US$4.6 million bonus to broaden global health network
Biotechnology 'no cure-all' for food insecurity
Researchers find new use for biomass
GM crops deserve more reasoned debate
WHO climate research agenda will make health count
Indian government accused of 'gaps' in GM trial regulation
Science 'should blaze a trail' in China's development
HIV awareness goes mobile
NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York's Attorney General launched an ethics code on Thursday that seeks to fight dirty business in the state's emerging wind power farm business.
Indian temperature rise 'will exceed projected rainfall'
Pakistan to launch fisheries 'megaprojects'
Physics can help fuel economic growth
Key African countries 'not keeping health research promises'
Monitoring carbon storage 'more effective than closing power plants'
Indonesia eyes regional role with tsunami warning system
Petition launched for suspended South African water expert
East African geothermal tests successful
Visa problems hamper climate change talks
New agency to be global 'voice of renewables'
The popular myth of 'water wars'
EU pesticide ban 'will harm malaria control'
Contract and converge: The path to sustainable growth
Mexico City vows to protect historic maize varieties
2009: Will a crisis turn into an opportunity?
Chile, India link up for rural development
Soaps and detergents 'could help tackle bird flu'
Improving the rules on carbon projects
Debate erupts over effects of climate change on disease
New formula for US-South research funding
Long-term solutions needed to feed the world's poor
GM crops and the Gene Giants: Bad news for farmers
World's major rivers 'drying up'
Dryland development needs science and sustainability
Scientists put carbon ceiling at a trillion tonnes
Nanoscale water treatment needs innovative engineering
GM corn comes a step closer to a complete meal
Drain rice fields to cut methane, say scientists
Research reveals Pacific Ocean threats and solutions
Scientists produce GM crops without foreign genes
How the media is creating a climate for change
US should focus foreign aid on food, health and water
New, cheaper method for extracting clean water
Chinese agricultural boom 'holds lessons for Africa'
Nigeria to roll out fungus-resistant soybean crops
Air pollution cutting China's 'vital' rain
Tomatoes thrive on urine diet
Himalayan glaciers 'grew' during warmer period
Climate mitigation needn't stifle development, says report
A revolution to combat world hunger
Thirsty eucalyptus trees get the chop in Kenya
Chilean Video Game Teaches Kids About Biology
Chickens Immunized by Genetically Modified Peas
Agriculture Can Adapt to Climate Change
Climate accord offers some grounds for hope
Processed foods contribute to obesity in Guatemala
Biodiversity loss matters, and communication is crucial
Biodiversity loss matters, communication is crucial
Beans climb to new heights in Rwanda
DDT found in children from Mexico and Central America
Insecticide beats DDT in early trials
Chile committed to biofuels based on algae
Neglected tropical diseases NEED to be studied
Hydrocarbon development threatens the Amazon
China must boost its global science impact, study finds
Solar power for the poor: facts and figures
Fishing restrictions bring better catches, says study
Sewage-cleaning device produces electricity, too
Scientists warn of livestock greenhouse gas boom
Yemen's capital 'will run out of water by 2025'
Nepal's gene bank gets going
Haiti's cholera epidemic likely caused by weather
'Wonder food' spreads to Middle East
Four degree rise 'would scupper African farming'
Bamboo can capture carbon fast, says report
Ocean acidification threatens fisheries, says UNEP
Satellites help Colombian fishermen chase fish
Algeria plans rapid green energy ramp-up
Eating Insects 'Could Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions'
Brazil beats US in climate change awareness
Malay scientists use tropical fruits to make batteries
Big Changes in Egypt: a wake-up call for Arab science
Tequila plant holds promise as arid biofuel source
Banana peel can purify water, say scientists
India must learn from Fukushima nuclear meltdown
Malaysian monkey malaria 'could spread in humans'
Mexican trial of GM maize stirs debate
Disaster relief seeds 'should be more diverse'
Fungi could protect rice against climate change
Maldivian move to marine energy
Climate change 'to increase malaria' in Indian Himalayas
Urine test for TB shows promise
Wolbachia mosquitoes may halt dengue fever
Fracking stirs controversy in South Africa
Radar could detect tsunamis more accurately
World has 'enough water' for future food needs
Population has bigger effect than climate change on crop yields, study suggests
Natural sediment may shield groundwater from arsenic
West African farmers already adapting to climate change
Scientists pin down active chemicals in Chinese herbs
Air pollution causing stronger cyclones, study finds
Key malaria parasite discovery raises vaccine hopes
Ten-point plan to save the oceans
Geospatial initiative shows the way
Traditional farming can save threatened species
'No evidence' of links between Pacific earthquakes
Include trees in climate modelling, say scientists
Trees near homes boost incomes, sequester carbon
Don't wait for wealth — better health needs basic tools
Biofuel breakthrough
Rising ocean acidity worst for Caribbean and Pacific
Slash-and-burn 'improves tropical forest biodiversity'
Call for new indicators of sustainable development
World Meteorological Organization launches new weather data system
Fishermen adapt to Lake Chad's demise — for now
Nipple device could deliver drugs to babies
African renewables potential mapped
Abu Dhabi bets on anti-dust solar panels
Brick kiln emissions affect crop yields, study finds
Salt-tolerant wheat a breakthrough for better yields
Polio transmission continues on Pakistan–Afghanistan border
Carbonised red mud can treat water cheaply
How to create resilient agriculture
Coconut Power?
Economic Impacts of Climate Change may be huge
IPCC predicts rise in extreme climate events
Rio+20 zero draft accepts 'planetary boundaries'
Planet Under Pressure Conference - State of the Planet Declaration Issued
Is that Pashmina cloned?
Are "improved" Cookstoves in Pakistan better than the traditional ones?
The Price is Right for Wind Power
Ancient farming method may help conserve savannahs
Rio+20 Sustainable Development Talks too Focused on Technology?
Tropical countries struggle to engage with REDD+
Solar Power and Desalinization Innovations tested in Egypt
Cardamon cultivation impacting tropical forests
Africa may struggle to extract groundwater, experts say
Paper or Plastic?
Leaf 'stamp' could detect crop diseases
Researchers look to nanotech to keep fruit fresh
North Korea lifts the veil on its agroforestry practices
African nations agree to put a price on nature
Open Ocean protection and Rio+20
Mathematical model developed to predict malaria outbreaks
New Global forum to collate research on sustainable consumption, production
OECD launches 'green economy' consultation with developing countries
Anti-desertification plan gets official launch in Rio
Climate change threatens Botswana's main tourist attraction
Student finds new way of turning plastic into biofuel
Pakistan unveils sustainable development strategy
Rising sea levels threaten islanders with displacement
Developing innovation systems for African agriculture
Egypt's Plans for Science
Rural dwellers must adapt to climate change, says workshop
Pacific Coral Triangle 'at risk of collapse'
Not all rice is bad for pre-diabetics
Simple construction system 'offers quake protection'
Climate change 'may boost South-East Asian agriculture'
Ten African countries unite to protect rainforests
Climate change a mixed blessing for wheat, say experts
What might Red Sea mining bring to Saudi Arabia and Sudan?
West African and Caribbean seas rank among unhealthiest waters
Study reveals coral reef decline rates are directly related to pollution
Go Slowly to tap Namibia's groundwater
Jatropha can revive degraded land, says study
Indigenous agroforestry 'may improve livelihoods'
World citizens worry about biodiversity loss
The Great Rice Debate
Guide and glossary to CBD
Ecosystems Can Reduce Risks Caused By Natural Disasters
Banana fibre can fix marine oil spills, says study
Himalayan glaciers debate: melting or growing?
African farmers could soon grow virus-resistant cassava
Earthquake aftershock forecasting must be improved
'Aquaponics' Help Islanders Cultivate Crops and Raise Fish
Climate change mitigation 'far cheaper than inaction'
How Will the World Feed Itself in the Future?
New Design Creates More Efficient Wind Turbines
Exploring the Ocean for Minerals
Arsenic Contamination from Gold Mining found in India Villages
Tree intercropping could save Africa's soils
Study Investigates Public Trust in Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa
Study reveals extent of Mekong dam food security threat
Kenya Bans Imports of GM Food
Electronic Waste - the Asia-Pacific Problem
Date Palm Leaves Could Improve Water Treatment Across the Middle East
Climate Change Update: Reports Show Growing Risks
Fisheries Commission Ignores Advice for Ending Overfishing
Sweet Potatoes Unexpected Reaction to Rising CO2 Levels
Should deep-sea mining go ahead in Papua New Guinea?
Biodiversity Loss, Disease Cuts Incomes in Tropical Countries
'Climate change in Pakistan turning extreme'
Breakthrough Treaty on Limiting Mercury Emissions
Medicinal Plants Being Studied to Fight Malaria
Costa Rican scientists trial aquatic agriculture to boost food security
Desert bacteria could help boost crop yields
Invasive Striga Weed Serious Problem in Sub-Saharan Africa
Climate change could impact wave height, says study
Is cloud seeding preventing further flooding in Indonesia?
Mobile masts could help measure rain and chill vaccines
Latin America Analysis: Environmental Policy and Deforestation
Rice Paddies and Fish Farming - Perfect Together!
Cropland expansion the culprit in biodiversity loss, says study
Predicting Malaria Outbreaks will help India prepare for them
National Climate Change Policy in Pakistan
Housing improvements linked to good health
India needs micro-level data for climate action
Meat DNA testing can help save species
Quinoa Farming in Bolivia has significant impacts
Disease threatens aquaculture in developing world
The Red-Dead water conveyer can avoid a dead end
Loss of wild pollinators could threaten food security
Giant landslides identified by seismic fingerprints
Urea may have competition - Human urine
Use of GM cotton linked to rise in aphid numbers
mHealth 'could save a million African lives by 2017'
Selenium deficiency 'endemic' in Malawi
Aerosols confirmed rising over India
Forest conservation could reduce malaria transmission
Women are 'key drivers' in climate change adaptation
Economic development 'can restore lost biodiversity'
Concerns grow over effects of solar geoengineering
DVD discs double as cheap diagnostic kit for HIV
The Regional Centre for Climate Change and Decision-Making
Web tool tracks insecticide-resistant malaria mosquitoes
Non-native goats and iguanas threaten Pacific islands
African soil diversity mapped for the first time
What is Causing the Big Shrimp Die-Off in Asian Shrimp Farms?
Deforestation Dries Up Dams Threatening Hydropower
Jaffna aquifer depleting from overuse
Parasite-resistant maize developed by Kenyan scientist
Asia-Pacific Analysis: Rain harvesting can avert crisis
Southeast Asian Brick Kilns Must Reduce Air Pollutant Emissions
Indigenous Knowledge
Small island states told to build wider ocean expertise
Panama expects benefits from world's first GM salmon
Arabian Sea at High Risk of Quakes and Tsunamis
Did Earthquake damage Iranian Nuclear Power Plant?
Gravity-powered lamp to enter field tests
Computer model gives early warning of crop failure
Cost of economic growth have 'outweighed benefits'
Half of key wild crops missing from gene banks
How Women Can Help Lower Food Losses
Rice gene digs deep to triple yields in drought
Saudi Arabia to Launch Online Atlas of Renewable Resources
GM rice delivers antibodies against deadly rotavirus
Crowd-sourced maps may help when disasters hit
Non-food crops lock up enough calories to feed 4 billion
Pesticide risks need more research and regulation
How much will climate change cost coastal cities?
Smartphones could provide weather data in poor nations
Planting trees in deserts to fight climate change
Well-managed mangroves 'can survive rising sea levels'
Small birds save big money for Costa Rica's farmers
Start-up promises to revolutionise shrimp farming
Switch to organic farming may boost yields and incomes
Climate models need to get small
Microbes vs. Genetic Modification
Record temperatures set to reach tropics first
Treaty to cut mercury pollution signed by 92 countries, will the US join them?
Lack of nanotech regulations leaves developing world exposed
Kazakhstan nuclear test site clean up success
Climate change to disrupt soil nutrients in drylands
Impacts of climate change on soils
Nitrogen fixation helps double some African farm yields
Scientists start to tap marine microbes for biotech use
Exploration urged to discover new rice species
Pollution detector designed to protect heritage sites
Tiny islands with big climate change problems
Developing nations bear the brunt of extreme weather
Modern strains put Lake Victoria in critical condition
Ocean acidification set to spiral out of control
Quick tsunami sensors tested in Mediterranean
Developing technology for the developing world: Earthquake detection via smartphone
UN shows how mobile-phone data can map human need
Using Plankton to Control Malaria
Using Lightning to Predict Severe Storms
Intelligent disaster relief
Forecasting storms using lightning!
Volume of electronic waste set to rise by a third
Biofuel crops 'may amplify mosquito-borne disease'
Panama’s sloths harbor potential drugs
African Monsoon Project to Benefit Crops and Healthcare
Biodiversity conservationists get a little help with new online freshwater atlas
Conservacionistas de la biodiversidad tienen un poco de ayuda con nuevo atlas de agua dulce en línea
Scientists advocate protective deep-sea treaty
Crop Pests "Vastly Underestmated' Warns Study
Challenges and a call for Conservation Cooperation in the Arab world
Warmer years linked to more malaria in tropical highlands
Scientists develop system to filter water using plant sticks
Climate-hit fisheries 'can still meet demand in 2050'
Seaweed forests could help power tropical islands
IPCC warns over greater risk to food and water security
Bats can help protect rice farms against pests
Cry for global STEM funding
First Standardized Global Land Cover Map Released
Bee booby-traps defend African farms from elephants
Trampas de abejas defienden granjas africanas de los elefantes
World Cup mascot helps score for Brazilian three-banded armadillos
Electricity from silk cocoons?
Catching Fog
UN licenses kick off search for underwater minerals
US Pledges climate change planning assistance to developing countries
First Hookworm Vaccine Passes Brazilian Safety Trial
Water-saving Technology for Rice Farms Introduced
Hope for the Monarch Butterfly
Putting a value on forests
Road kill: Recommendations to protect biodiversity
How can we improve plant growth?
How studying volcanos can improve aviation safety
Nepal deals with climate change
Mapping mosquito data to track spread of disease
How changing land use pattern in the Caribbean is impacting storm risks
Snowfall shift threatens water supply
African nations to phase out lead in paint by 2020
Toilets Confront Climate Change
The Ebola-poverty link
Pollution in Pacific tied to Africa and Asia
Bicycle ownership going downhill
Sponge cuts oil spill clean-up cost
Australia slashes funding on climate science
Mobile app for rain forecasts raises farmers' yields
Abu Dhabi project uses sand to store solar power
Tropics told to ban coral-killing sunscreen
Millions exposed to mercury in urban Pakistan
Trump's wall puts wildlife at risk
Modern pollutants can reach deep fossil aquifers
New wave of extinctions predicted for vital food species
Invention could slash energy consumption
Water scarcity hotspots shifting
Cost of diabetes care in Africa could triple by 2030
Climate change to push Ethiopian coffee farming uphill
'Breakthrough' mosquito trap uses human smell and heat
Mercury convention raises heat on producers
Ethanol to Gasoline Switch Raises Nanoparticles in Air
App 'Trained' to Spot Crop Disease, Alert Farmers
New Delhi Smog 'Rivals 1952 London'
Higher Plant Species Richness May Not Be Enough To Protect Ecosystems From The Worst Impacts Of Climate Extremes
Action Plan To Boost Women's Input On Climate Change
Forty Per Cent of Global E-Waste Comes From Asia
Ethiopian Herders Get Automated Weather Stations
Kenyan Innovation Takes Plastic Bags Out of Forestry
Methane from Indian Livestock Adds to Global Warming
Biosensor Promises Early Malaria Diagnosis
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