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Bee booby-traps defend African farms from elephants
Trampas de abejas defienden granjas africanas de los elefantes
World Cup mascot helps score for Brazilian three-banded armadillos
Electricity from silk cocoons?
Catching Fog
UN licenses kick off search for underwater minerals
US Pledges climate change planning assistance to developing countries
First Hookworm Vaccine Passes Brazilian Safety Trial
Water-saving Technology for Rice Farms Introduced
Hope for the Monarch Butterfly
Putting a value on forests
Road kill: Recommendations to protect biodiversity
How can we improve plant growth?
How studying volcanos can improve aviation safety
Nepal deals with climate change
Mapping mosquito data to track spread of disease
How changing land use pattern in the Caribbean is impacting storm risks
Snowfall shift threatens water supply
African nations to phase out lead in paint by 2020
Toilets Confront Climate Change
The Ebola-poverty link
Pollution in Pacific tied to Africa and Asia
Bicycle ownership going downhill
Sponge cuts oil spill clean-up cost
Australia slashes funding on climate science
Mobile app for rain forecasts raises farmers' yields
Abu Dhabi project uses sand to store solar power
Tropics told to ban coral-killing sunscreen
Millions exposed to mercury in urban Pakistan
Trump's wall puts wildlife at risk
Modern pollutants can reach deep fossil aquifers
New wave of extinctions predicted for vital food species
Invention could slash energy consumption
Water scarcity hotspots shifting
Cost of diabetes care in Africa could triple by 2030
Climate change to push Ethiopian coffee farming uphill
'Breakthrough' mosquito trap uses human smell and heat
Mercury convention raises heat on producers
Ethanol to Gasoline Switch Raises Nanoparticles in Air
App 'Trained' to Spot Crop Disease, Alert Farmers
New Delhi Smog 'Rivals 1952 London'
Higher Plant Species Richness May Not Be Enough To Protect Ecosystems From The Worst Impacts Of Climate Extremes
Action Plan To Boost Women's Input On Climate Change
Forty Per Cent of Global E-Waste Comes From Asia
Ethiopian Herders Get Automated Weather Stations
Kenyan Innovation Takes Plastic Bags Out of Forestry
Methane from Indian Livestock Adds to Global Warming
Biosensor Promises Early Malaria Diagnosis
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