Global Policy Innovations Program

A growing body of innovative scholarship offers promising strategies for sustainable development and a fairer globalization. Yet, these proposals have not been disseminated in a coordinated fashion. In response to this challenge, the Global Policy Innovations program provides a forum for pragmatic alternatives to the current global economic order.



Global Policy Innovations
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The Carnegie Council's Global Policy Innovations program aims to enhance and inform public debate on the existence of positive development alternatives by creating a centralized hub to serve two primary purposes:

1. An online magazine format to feature the work of partners associated with the project, and from the fairer globalization community more broadly.

2. A database of papers, organizations, and specialists that links the websites and databases of project partners.

No Development, No Peace
The Age of Extinction
America's Day Of Reckoning
Russia's Arctic Resource Race
The Tale of Sushi in the Global Economy
Brands Changing As Corporate Social Responsibility Grows
Offsets, the Indulgencies of Today?
Energy Security Depends on Where You Live
Agrofuels Favor Business over Farmers
Post - Invasion Economies: Comparing Iraq and Afghanistan
Innovations in Fighting Corruption
Contraception Ban Harms Philippine Women
Merck's Dubai Ethics Center
Global Imbalances and Developing Countries
A Blueprint for Today's Sustainability
Inflation Fuels Global Hunger
The Gulden Coffee Story
Cap and Trade vs. Carbon Tax
Helping the Laggards Join the Race
Tapping Partnerships for Drinkable Water
Will China "Lose" the 2008 Olympics?
Furnace Cities
North Korea get NGO Religion
Can "Responsible Stakeholder" Hold?
The Globalization of Ethics
Nonprofit Brands: Don't Waste Their Power
Unethical Ethanol Tariff
In the Trenches for Clean Water
Green Stimulus
Role Addiction
Globalization Poison
The Melting Pot, the Salad Bowl, and the Confucian Ideal
Hypocrisy on the High Seas?
Trouble with Tuna
Wither the Grapes of Worth?
Business ethics gone without TRACE
Fair Contracts for Poor Countries
The Fishy Business of Antidumping
Fostering Ethical Globalization
The Moral Vulnerability of Markets
Despite EASSy, Africa Still Listening to Radio
Renewable Energy Hedges
One World, Many Slogans
Business & Human Rights: Corporate Recognition and Responsibility
Toxic Chemical in Plastic Bottles & Cans Damaging Children's Brains & Reproductive Organs but Government & Chemical Industry Remain Unconcerned
Russia Switches on Gas
Rising Sun for Electric Cars
Building a Foundation of Trust: U.S. - China Cooperation in Africa
Latest Developments on Farm Bill & Biofuels
Toilet Truths
Can Green Trade Tariffs Combat Climate Change?
China's Earthquake After Shock
The Silver Lining in High Commodity Prices
Market and Community Approaches to Food Crisis
In Vitro Meat, a More Humane Treat
A New Deal for Poor Farmers
To Cope with Oil Shock, Emulate Japan
It's Like Oil, But Different
Beating the Oil Barons
Green Beer
Glacial Climate Negotiations
Fuel Costs Clip Airline Wings
Going Green with Gravitas
The Death of the Globalization Consensus
The Global Leadership Vacuum
The Greening of Islamic Politics
Humanitarian Aid Politicized
Cogeneration Can Slash Carbon and Costs
The Perfect Storm of a Global Recession
Voluntary Standards and the Resource Curse
From Mules to Biofuels
Green Recovery
Northeast Puts on the Carbon Cap
Global Crisis: How Far to Go?
Green Jobs Transition Must Accelerate
A Slick Solution for Oil Markets
Green Jobs Transcript
Financial Crisis Hurts U.S. Soft Power
Big Green Jobs Machine
Can Web 2.0 Revolutionize Corporate Responsibility?
Electric Jeepneys Challenge a Philippine Icon
A Sustainable Recovery
Alternative Fuels Take Root in Refugee Camps
Thinking outside the bicycle
Homo sociens and the New Ecological Growth Economy
China in Action on Climate Change
Brazilian Lessons for Industrial Policy
Reinventing the City
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