Green Progress

Green Progress provides the latest news and information on environmental technology and green innovations being developed to protect our environment and our well-being.

While simple conservation ideas like reducing waste by recycling and consuming less, driving less, or just turning off electronics when they aren't in use are some of the best ways to protect our planet, we still need to create more efficient products and buildings as well as find cleaner energy sources.

Green Progress features the latest advances in alternative energy, green building and sustainable development, transportation and fuel source technology, and environmental protection and preservation.



Green Building & Sustainable Development
Software Package Allows People to Make Hydrogen, E85 or Biodiesel Fuel
Eco-Cities - Building Better Cities for the 21st Century
Purchase An Apple Computer, Recycle Your Old Computer
Kenworth's First Medium Duty Pickup and Delivery Hybrid Truck Delivered
The Green Grid Announces Technology Roadmap and Key Deliverables for 2007
Experiment Suggests Limitations to Carbon Dioxide 'Tree Banking'
British Gas Launches Greenest Energy Tariff
Georgia Contractors Cut Costs by Going "Green" with Use of New Emissions Technology
California's First Plug-In Hybrid School Bus
Small-Scale Wind Turbine Named a 2007 Top 10 Green Building Product
Cyclone Power Technologies Tests Fuel Made From Oranges
Ford Launches ECOnetic Range of Ultra-Low CO2 European Models
Isuzu and Toyota Reach Basic Agreement on Small Diesel Engines
World Resources Institute Continues on Cutting Edge of Green Building Design
Ontario Government Set To Double Achievements On Renewable Energy
SCA and Statkraft - Major Wind Power Venture and to Study Eco-Friendly Extension of Hydropower
$500M Fund Launched to Support Next-Generation Renewable Fuels
Europe's Largest Mobile Phone Recycling Facility to Open in UK
New Zealand's First National eDay Diverts Nearly 300 Tons of Computer Waste
EnOcean's Self-powered Wireless Technology Enables Intelligent Green Buildings
Vertigro Algae Research and Development Center Begins Operation
Boston Irish Hotel Goes Green with Constellation NewEnergy
The World's First Hybrid Train Officially Enters Commercial Service
Australia's Biggest Wind Farm Starts Moving
Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Develops
EPA Develops Regulations for Geologic CO2 Sequestration
Fuel Cells Gearing Up to Power Auto Industry
Clinton Library Earns LEED Platinum
M2E Power Announces Revolutionary New Energy Generation Technology
Google's Goal: Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal
Smarter Storage for Solar and Wind Power
Hydrogen Engine Center Launches Technology Push
Innovative Geothermal Energy Project Launched in Canada
New Jersey Town Doubles Recycling Rates in One Week with the RecycleBank Program
Solar Cells of the Future with Nano Flakes
Solar Cell Directly Splits Water for Hydrogen
New MIT Start-up Aims to Make Silicon Solar Cells Competitive With Coal
Eco Homes Show Will Help Build Homes for the 21st Century
Free Recycling Through the Mail
New Eco-Friendly Digital Courier Service Saves Trees and Time
IDC Develops Eco-friendly Inflatable Solar Panel for Domestic Use
Exelon and SunPower to Develop Nation's Largest Urban Solar Power Plant in Chicago
Offshore Wind Power Initiative Proposed for Great Lakes
World's Largest Solar Power Tower Plant Begins Operating in Spain
First Wind Receives DOE Loan Guarantee to Finance Construction of Oahu-based Kahuku Wind Project
Armstrong Recycling Program Reclaims 100 Million Square Feet of Old Ceiling Tiles
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