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China Launches Food Recall System
Sao Paulo Bans Outdoor Ads in Fight Against Pollution
Crop Yields Expand, but Nutrition Is Left Behind
Farm animal diversity: Forgotten in Interlaken?
Window to Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change Closing.
Gas Flaring Wastes Resources, Pollutes Atmosphere
Pesticides Pose Risk in Rural and Urban Communities Alike
Can Corporations Help Chinese Nonprofits Overcome Funding Barriers?
SOS for Fading Ocean Life
China’s Policy of Returning Farmland to Forests Must Be Upheld
Worldwatch Perspective: The Meaning of $80 Oil
10 Easy Pieces
Worldwatch Perspective: With the 2007 Farm Bill, the Local Goes Global
China Needs New Environmental Policies, SEPA Says
Despite Progress Against Trafficking, World Still Hungry for Exotic Creatures
The Benefits of a Low-Carbon Future
Nutrient Pollution From Farms and Livestock Hurts Amphibians
Agrilandia Farm: Italy’s Slow Food Culture Comes to Beijing
Air Fresheners Unregulated, Potentially Dangerous, Group Says
Ecotourism May Benefit India’s Environment, Economy
Eye on United Arab Emirates: Fostering Sustainability
Better Than Corn? Algae Set to Beat Out Other Biofuel Feedstocks
“Zero” Amazon Deforestation Possible by 2015, Brazilian NGOs say
Worldwatch Perspective: Can Biofuels Make or Break Iowa’s Future?
Planet Wins Nobel Prize
In India, Chronic Diseases Grow With Consumption
Why I care about pregnancy and fish
Increase in Grain Prices Affects U.S. Food Donations
Is Beijing’s Air Quality Ready for the 2008 Olympics?
More Cars or More Transportation Alternatives: What Will the World Choose?
Pollutants Implicated in Births of More Girls Than Boys
Three “Garbage Crusaders” in Modern Cosmopolitan Beijing
Costa Rica and New Zealand on Path to Carbon Neutrality
U.S. Government Dumping $100 Million Into Filthy Fuels Project
Can “Dumping Soda” Mitigate Global Obesity Trends?
Coal Creates Legacy for China’s Past, Future
Clean Energy's Best-Kept Secret: Waste Heat Recovery
“Smooth Sailing” in Shipping Creates Environmental, Health, and Security Risks
New African Reserve Protects Bonobos, Stores Carbon
U.S. Increasingly Isolated in Stance Against Kyoto
Coal Use Rises Dramatically Despite Impacts on Climate and Health
Does the Electricity You Use Demolish Mountains?
Chicago’s Alleys Turning Green
Polluting Pulp Mill Draws Protest and Spurs World Court Case
U.S. Emissions Reductions May Be Cheaper Than Thought
Indonesia: Can’t See the Conference for the Trees
Study: Policy Trumps Technological Change in Beating Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Modern Warfare Causes Unprecedented Environmental Damage
Bird Extinctions Likely to Rise with Climate Change
For Climate Change Mitigation, Don’t Forget the Peatlands
Cities, Countries Make Up for What Bali Lacked
New Certification Scheme Aims to Protect Socially Responsible Companies
New Bans on Plastic Bags May Help Protect Marine Life
Adam Smith, Meet Mother Earth
Innovations Help Economy, May Save the Planet
Conflict in Sri Lanka Slows Tsunami Rebuilding
China’s Plastic Bag Ban Likely to Change Consumer Habits
Analysis: Nano Hypocrisy?
Adjustments to Agriculture May Help Mitigate Global Warming
Banks Focusing on Climate Change But More Action Needed, Says Report
Analysis: Banning “Bad” Biofuels, Becoming Better Consumers
Putting the ‘Green’ Back in Greenbacks: Economic Stimulus Package Misses Mark
Chinese Factory Turns Environmental Bane into Boon
Bad week for fish
How Will the U.S. Produce 36 Billion Gallons of Biofuel by 2022?
Analysis: Stronger Regulation Needed to Improve Corporate Pollution Record in China
Eugene, Oregon, Earns Global Recognition for Its Transportation Efforts
Analysis: Could an “Age of Green Economics” Be on the Horizon?
“Green Economics”: Turning Mainstream Thinking on Its Head
Worldwatch Perspective: Peacekeeping, a Study in Contradictions
Can Japan Convince International Community to Support “Sustainable” Whaling?
What happens if China’s “one child” is left behind?
Oil Price Hits All-Time Record
Are Renewables Approaching a Tipping Point? Highlights from the REN21 Renewables 2007 Global Status Report
EU Struggles to Meet Key Environmental Targets
The Dirty Side of a “Green” Industry
World Population Growth: Fertile Ground for Uncertainty
China’s SUV Culture: Flaunting Fat Wallets While Choking on Dirty Air
U.S. Environmental Groups Divided on “Clean Coal”
Can India Improve Energy Efficiency as Its Economy Booms?
North American Commission Pushes for Green Building Design
Arctic Melting May Lead To Expanded Oil Drilling
World Mayors Propose Urban Water Declaration
Gore Launches Climate Change Awareness Campaign
Intelligent Design? Utilities Embrace An Efficiency Evolution
More Companies Discontinuing Farm Animal Confinement
In Brazil, Violence Looms at the Forest Edge
Wind Power Growth Blows Past Projections
Can Amazonian Beef Be Sustainable?
GOING, GOING, GONE? New Satellite Images Reveal a Shrinking Amazon Rainforest
International Commission Calls for ‘Paradigm Shift’ in Agriculture
As Earth Day Arrives, Population Still the Uneasy Issue
New Fish Farms Move from Ocean to Warehouse
Desalination Raises Environmental, Cost Concerns
Report Calls for Better Animal Waste Treatment
OPINION: Energy Madness
Public Bike Programs Surging
Collaboration Calls for New U.N. Agency to Oversee Transport Emissions
More Choice for Women Means More Sustainability
Are Myanmar’s Storm Victims Suffering Needlessly?
OPINION Biofuels 2.0: It’s Time for Congress to Act
OPINION: Water Trading in China: A Step Toward Sustainability
Green Jobs Find International Support
Population and Climate Change: Can We Talk?
U.S. Postal Service Begins E-Waste Recycling Program
Conserve Water Through Food Efficiency, Report Says
Aquaculture Operations Seek Organic Certification
Study Supports U.S. Wind Expansion
Lighting an Efficient Future, Minus the Mercury
OPINION: China’s Wind Power Development Exceeds Expectations
U.K. Committee Supports Personal Carbon Trading
European Union Poised to Increase Recycling
All-Consuming Question: Is Population or Human Behavior the Problem?
Environmental Skeptics Are Overwhelmingly Politicized, Study Says
A Climate Hero: The Early Years
Nuclear Prospects Unclear
U.S. Ecosystem Report Indicates Trouble
China Watch: Plastic Bag Ban Trumps Market and Consumer Efforts
Can Green Designs Solve A Housing Crisis?
Land Degradation Worse Than Previously Reported
Coal Industry Hands Out Pink Slips While Green Collar Jobs Take Off
Natural Disasters Becoming More Frequent
Opinion: U.S. Environmentalists Finally Have a Leader
In Windy West Texas, An Economic Boom
Microloans Pay Off for Planet, Investors
Investors Pressure Corporations to Address Climate
The Afterlife of German Coal Mining
World Bank Struggles to Prioritize Sustainability
U.S. Utilities Advance Solar Projects
British GMO Protests Highlight Global Divide
Solar Offers A Future for Kenya’s Youth
Water Advocates Speak Out for Improved Sanitation
Exports Account for One-Third of China’s Emissions
U.S. Renewable Energy Growth Accelerates
U.K. Biofuels Sources Are Largely Unknown
Can the Dead Sea Be Brought to Life?
DNA Forensics May Prevent Elephant Poaching
Water Footprints Make A Splash
Roundtable Reveals International Biofuel Standard
Green Building Standards Under Construction
Opposition to Offshore Drilling May Fade
Deforestation Escalates in Brazilian Amazon
Bottled Water Demand May Be Declining
Sarah Palin’s Record on Climate Change
African Renewable Energy Gains Attention
Will Farmed Fish Feed the World?
Report Reveals Flawed U.S. E-Waste Policies
Indigenous Groups Criticize Climate Talks
European Fisheries Law Undergoes Review
GE and Google Call for Clean Energy Policies
Off-Shore Wind Power Set to Expand
70 Years of “Miracle Fiber”
U.S. City Dwellers Flock to Raising Chickens
Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria Announced
IPCC Chair: Severity Under-reported
New Eco-Fund Targets Corporate Wealth
Beyond the Banks: Bail Out the Environment, Create Jobs
Office-Related Carbon Emissions Surge
U.S. Election Brings Green Jobs in Focus
Europeans Form Renewable Energy Agency
Obama: "Change Has Come to America"
Environmentalists Spar Over Corporate Ties
OPINION: Chinese Farms A Growing Challenge
OPINION: Building a Green Economy
Adoption of Climate Treaty by 2009 in Doubt
Climate Protests Escalate Worldwide
Energy Agency Predicts High Prices in Future
“Efficient” Irrigation Tool May Deplete More Water
Clean Energy Poised to Phase Out Coal and Avert Catastrophic Climate Change
Genetically Modified Crops Reach 9 Percent of Global Primary Crop Production
Clinton Picked to Oversee Population Policies
Coral Reef Loss Suggests Global Extinction Event
Hansen to Obama: Support a Carbon Tax
Obama Pressed to Increase Global Water Aid
India Joins International Renewable Energy Agency
Coffee Sales Helping Chimpanzees, Goodall Says
Drought May Further Threaten Darfur Peace
A Sustainable Business View on Economy, Climate
Oil Sands Could Threaten Millions of Migratory Birds
Global Palm Oil Demand Fueling Deforestation
Our "Foodprint:" It's Not Just the Miles
OPINION: Climate Forecast Bright for Major Economies Meeting
Chemical Treaty Covers Additional Toxins
OPINION: Renewables Surge Despite Economic Crisis
OPINION: Winds of Change in the U.S. Auto Industry
Global Bird Species in Serious Decline
Energy Leaders Launch Efficiency Partnership
Aviation Industry Outlines Ambitious Climate Goals
OPINION: Two Developments Climate Negotiators Should Heed
Climate Debate Overlooks Small Businesses
"Black Carbon" Chokes Chilean Towns
Fisheries Models Overlook a Spreading Nuisance: Jellyfish
OPINION: The More Hybrid Drivers the Better?
Illegal Pangolin Trade Threatens Rare Species
Study Finds Rich U.S. Energy-Efficiency Potential
OPINION: U.S. Climate Funds Increase, Future Levels in Doubt
China Gradually Improves Environmental Transparency
India Could Halve Emissions Growth, at a Cost
More Corporations Are "Greening" Supply Chains
US Pressured to Help Fight Tropical Deforestation
U.S. Public Still Unconvinced on Climate Change
Degraded Habitats Push More Species to Extinction
Aid Groups, Farmers Collaborate to Re-Green Sahel
North American Governments Agree to Protect Wilderness
Norway to Help Protect Guyana's Forests
Oceans Absorb Less Carbon Dioxide as Marine Systems Change
As Climate Talks Stumble, U.N. Process in Question
Life-Cycle Studies: Beer
More Accurate Emissions Data Needed Worldwide, U.S. Researchers Say
Bikes’ Niche in Urban Transport Expanding
Beneath the Surface: A Survey of Environmental Risks from Shale Gas Development
OPINION: Sanitation Too Often Overlooked in Developing Nations
Ending Hunger in Africa
Better Access to Contraception Could Slow Global Warming
Nuclear Power After Fukushima
Nearly Two Billion People Worldwide Now Overweight
The World at 7 Billion: Can We Stop Growing Now?
Oil Consumption Hits All-Time High
Biofuels Make a Comeback Despite Tough Economy
Same Global Economic Output Needs More Energy, Worldwatch Finds
Global Nuclear Generation Capacity Falls
Global Natural Gas Consumption Regains Momentum
Energy Poverty Remains a Global Challenge for the Future
Rising Number of Farm Animals Poses Environmental and Public Health Risks
15 Agricultural Innovations Protecting the Environment on Earth Day
Growth of Carbon Capture and Storage Stalled in 2011
A New Global Architecture for Sustainability Governance
Despite Drop from 2009 Peak, Agricultural Land Grabs Still Remain Above Pre-2005 Levels
Nine Population Strategies to Stop Short of 9 Billion
EPA Authority to Regulate Greenhouse Gases Survives Another Challenge
Biofuel Expansion in Central America and the Myth of Vacant Land
Eroding U.S. Federal Oversight of Genetically Engineered Crops
Living Fences in Costa Rica a growing idea
U.S. Emissions Reach 20-Year Low, but its not time to congratulate ourselves just yet!
Global Auto Production Driving to New Record
Lost in the Bee-Line
Using Information and Communications Technology Promotes Sustainability in Cities
Food Security, Grain Production, and Climate Change
Limiting Overconsumption with "Economic Degrowth"
Electric Vehicles: Transitioning to a Sustainable Future
Meat Production Affected by Disease and Drought
Report: Climate-Related Migration
The Uncertain Role of Extractive Reserves in Conservation
Increasing Urban Populations May Lead to More Slums and Health Issues
With Effective Roadmaps and Political Will, Governments Can Create Healthier, Livable Cities
Oil is Still World's Largest Energy Source, But Coal and Natural Gas are Gaining
El Salvador Prioritizes Geothermal Energy Development
Organic Farming Expands, Contributes to Sustainable Food Security
From Light Green to Sustainable Buildings
Converting Less Rainforest into Toilet Paper
Global Hydropower and Geothermal Growth Slow
Caribbean Nations Take Control of Their Collective Energy Future
The Looming Threat of Water Scarcity
Achieving a Sustainable Food System with Organic Farming
Fracking: The Solution? Or The Problem?
Global Food Prices Continue to Rise
Agriculture and Livestock Remain Major Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Natural Catastrophes in 2012 Dominated by U.S. Weather Extremes
One Man's Trash is Another Man's Pay Dirt
Are We Living Through a Shale Bubble?
Automobile Production Sets New Record in 2012
China's aggressive Electric Vehicle program not meeting goals
Growth of Global Solar and Wind Energy Continues to Outpace Other Technologies
Farmers Increasing Resilience to Climate Change by Diversifying Crops
Reducing Food Waste While Feeding the Hungry
Envisioning Future Sea Level Rise
Train or Pipeline, the Answer is the Same
FAO Says Food Waste Harms Climate, Water, Land, and Biodiversity
Innovation of the Week: A Low-Cost Composting Toilet
Norway Devotes Big Bucks To Crop Diversity
China's Dam Environmental Problem
Australian Environmental Politics in Denial
Greece Considers Sacrificing Environment to Save Economy
Fossil Fuels Dominate Primary Energy Consumption
GM Crops Causing a Stir in Washington State, Mexico, and Hawaii
Iroko trees, the new warrior for climate change
White House Highlights Importance of Reauthorizing Farm Bill
From Waste to Food to Fuel: Rice Production and Green Charcoal in Senegal
Agricultural Subsidies Remain a Staple in the Industrial World
Filipino vulnerability
Hope on reducing air pollution in South East Asia
Renewable energy capacity increases, nuclear declines
New analysis explores trends in global plastic consumption and recycling
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