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Maureen O’Connor, publisher & founder

Lead in your Lipstick
Vintage Record Coasters for the eco-audiofile
Eko Noiz tees rock
Tree Blocks: Building imagination with reclaimed trees
Kiva & Markmakers - the gift of giving
Light on Demand - just in case
bamboo homes - grow your own
I am not a paper cup
Is Lake Mead Disappearing
9 signs you may be an energy hog
People Tree Fashion - Ethical Eco Undies
Inexpensive residential wind turbine
BigBelly Solar Trash Receptacle
Bee colonies continue to decline
Sungevity - going solar just got easier
Portable solar fan - what’s up with that?
Iqua SUN Solar Bluetooth Headset
Strida 5.0 - the ultimate folding bike
How to recycle clothes
Eco Friendly Flooring Doesn’t Have to be Drab
Drainbo - a natural drain cleaner
Easy Ways to Go Green
Conserve gasoline - Digital Fuel Mizer
HP goes green with recycled plastic printer
Solar powered refrigerator
kitchen composter turns garbage into gold
Upcycled plastic bottles become lamps
A greener lcd monitor from LG
A mixed bag of green news
2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid – Road Test
let’s go green - all under one green roof
5 ways to ride wave power
Air breeze - the latest in off-grid wind power
Planet Earth Monoply, eco style - a review
swift wind turbine - quiet rooftop windpower
EcoDrive: Driving Green
10 Green Ways to Save Some Green $$
Newest Source of Biofuel: Fungus
Simple Tips for a Green Thanksgiving
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