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Justin Thomas

OLEDs Printed Like Newspaper: World’s First Demonstration
World’s First Wave Powered Boat
Stunning Solar Building Will Generate More Power Than It Needs
A Viper Created With Recycled Keyboards
Innovative Tower To Feature Atrium Of Wind Turbines
New Record: Wind Powers 40% Of Spain
Green Towers In Malaysia Modeled After Fleet Of Ships
65 Million Square Feet of Solar Rooftops: Powering 162,000 Homes
Zero X Motorcycle: 100% Lithium-Ion Electric, 40 Mile Range, Weighs Only 140 Pounds
$3 Billion Solar Power Deal Signed By California Utility
World’s Largest Tidal Turbine Successfully Installed
Wind Turbines Now Spinning On Bahrain World Trade Center
13W LED Bulb Can Replace 100W Incandescent
Review: Smart Power Strips
Proximity: A Very Green Hotel In North Carolina
China’s Huge Self-Sustaining Soar LED Wall
Korean Village Runs On 100% Solar Power
$2 Billion Wind Turbine Order Is Largest Ever
OHM Electric Bikes From Canada
The Vectrix 100% Electric Scooter
How To Convert Your Car To An Electric Vehicle
Unusual Green Architecture In Japan: Namba Parks
Geobulb: A LED Bulb That Replaces A 60W Bulb
Solar Water Heaters Now Mandatory In Hawaii
90% Of Israeli Homes Have Solar Water Heaters
Windows That Double As Solar Panels
The Top Energy Efficient Freezers 2008
Motion-Sensing LED Lights: A Review
The Greenest Desktop Computers Of 2008
The Greenest Notebook Computers Of 2008
The First LEED Platinum Data Center
Solar Powered Air Conditioner Released
New Zero-Emissions Commuter Bike: The A2B
An Inexpensive Electric Bike Conversion Kit
Bags Made With 95% Recycled Material
Office Building Is 100% Sewer-Free
The Greenest Audio Systems Of 2008
ASUS Introduces Bamboo-Cased Computers
The 2009 Jetta TDI: A Clean Diesel Car
90,000 Homes To Be Powered By Chicken Manure
Netgear Introduces Green Routers
Recycled Rain Barrels
The 120MPG Electric Aptera Unveiled
Efficient Jeans: Those Made With Organic Cotton Or Hemp
New LED Light Bulbs Can Replace 100W Incandescents
New Lithium-Ion Battery Recharges To 90% Capacity In 5 Minutes
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