Global Warming is Real

Environmental writer Tom Schueneman, a contributor to numerous environmental and sustainability-focused blogs and websites, publishes his flagship blog GlobalWarmingisReal as a resource of news, commentary, and information on climate change, energy, and sustainability. \

Climate change and sustainability are the issues of our generation. Meeting the challenge is a three-legged stool requiring action from individuals, business, and government. GlobalWarmingisReal addresses those three aspects of change (or lack thereof) through essays, research, and news reporting. Our aim is to help the concerned citizen understand the importance and urgency of the issues we face in the 21st century.



Tom Schueneman

Survey Shows Business Community Moving Toward Sustainability
US Military Takes Part in Reducing Ecological Footprint
Reports Reiterate Link Between Environment and Economy
Naples Plans to Tap Mt. Vesuvius as Core of Sustainable Energy Strategy
NASA Develops Aircraft Design that Uses 50 Percent Less Fuel
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The Growth of Efficient Buildings
Renewable Sources Provide All New Generating Capacity in January – Three-Fold Increase From Same Period Last Year
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New Materials Promise to Dramatically Drop Photovoltaic Prices
US Greenhouse Gas Emissions are Down
Extended Range Electric & Hybrid Cars that Reduce Environmental Impacts
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Drought and Desertification - Global Response
Arctic Ocean Rapidly Acidifying
EPA Reports to Congress on National Safe Drinking Water Needs
Hawaii's Fishermen: Scapegoats for Forces Outside their Control
Cleaner Power from Innovation: Creative Approaches to Renewable Energy
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