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Environmental writer Tom Schueneman, a contributor to numerous environmental and sustainability-focused blogs and websites, publishes his flagship blog GlobalWarmingisReal as a resource of news, commentary, and information on climate change, energy, and sustainability. \

Climate change and sustainability are the issues of our generation. Meeting the challenge is a three-legged stool requiring action from individuals, business, and government. GlobalWarmingisReal addresses those three aspects of change (or lack thereof) through essays, research, and news reporting. Our aim is to help the concerned citizen understand the importance and urgency of the issues we face in the 21st century.



Tom Schueneman

Climate Security Act Vote Looms in Senate - Yea or Nay?
Russian Research Team Pulls Up Stakes and Gets the Heck Out Due to Melting Ice
New Exchange For Trading Home-Brewed Biofuels
The Ying and Yang of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Position on Climate Change
Nature Conservancy Goes Public with Voluntary Carbon Offset Program
Fighting Goliath: The Texas Coal Wars
Department of Interior To Hold Auction of Oil Lease Rights in Alaska National Petroleum Reserve
Toronto Pays Citizens Hefty Grants For Projects Reducing Carbon Footprint
Oceanic Acidification - The Scenario In 100 Years' Time
Senate "Gang of Ten" Forges Compromise Energy Bill Before August Recess
Big Oil Fattens Up at the Public Trough
Renewable Energy: All Eyes Are on China While George Bush Lets USA Greentech Leadership Slip
Green Nanotechnology Is Ready To Come Of Age
Zero Carbon Building is The New Standard In England
UK Scientists Compare Official G8 Proposals To Combat Climate Change With Real Carbon Cycle Data
Antarctic Warming Shows "Human Fingerprints"
Of Speculative Bubbles, the Crisis in Finance, Corn & Ethanol
Low Carbon, Clean Energy, Growth, Jobs & Geothermal
Canadians Set Up First Solar Powered Community In North America
Algae Biofuels - The Hype, the Hope, the Promise
UN's State Of The World's Forests Reveals Deforestation Is Speeding Up
Developing "Green" Plastics: Brazil in the Lead
Sustainable Ag, Ecosystem Services Big Part of Green Economy Solution
Geothermal Energy Is On The Rise As An Alternative Energy Solution
Canadian Government Backs Veg Growers Renewable Heat & Power Project
"Two Degrees" of Separation: Obama Needs to Outline his Yardstick on Global Warming
US at Bottom of G8 Emissions Reduction/Climate Change Action Rankings
NOAA Reports Record Ocean Surface Temperatures for June
Alaskan Glaciers REALLY are Shrinking
Record Month for Renewable Energy in the U.S.
Ag Giants, Free Trade Agreements Threatening Food Security, Seed Diversity & Farmers' Adaptability
President Calls Underwater Cabinet Meeting: Tells His Ministers to Take Scuba Lessons, in Maldives
Scientists Suggest New Arctic Study May Oversate Sea Ice Melting
Senator Boxer Releases Full Draft of US Climate Bill
A National Security Perspective on Climate Change
The Changing Role of US Forest Management in Response to Climate Change
Obama Frustrated with Outcome of Copenhagen Climate Talks
Feedback Accelerates Arctic Ice Melt – Canada, Alaska Most Pronounced
Forecast on Climate Change Legislation Cloudy
New Report Offers Little Hope for International Climate Agreement
From CO2 to Cement: Recycling Carbon – the Commoditization of Carbon Emissions
Third Round of Climate Talks Begin in Bonn
Walrus Again Forced to Flee Melting Arctic Sea Ice
Global Coral Bleaching Among Worst Ever Seen
Governments around the World are Acting to Reduce their Footprints
EarthTalk: What is Global Dimming?
Fools Gold May Not Be So Foolish for Solar Energy
Are Desalination Technologies the Answer to the World Water Crisis?
Coffee Production and Climate Change
Wind Energy Production Hits New Record in California Last Week
More Efficient and Affordable Solar Power: Developments that are Changing the Industry
Brazil Forms "Crisis Counsel" in Response to Dramatic Increase in Amazon Deforestation
Climate Change and the West: A Picture of the Western United States in the Coming Decades
American Consumers and Greener Vehicles
Power Generation from Renewables Surpasses Nuclear
1993 US Northwest Forest Plan Turns Public Forests into Carbon Sink
Warming Atlantic Waters Lure Mackerel North and East
Falling Solar Panel Costs Are Great For Buyers, Bad for Producers
Global CO2 Emissions Reach All-Time High, Rising More Than 5% in 2010 to Close Out Past 20 Years
Eight Amazing Things About Solar Panels That Could Change the World
Satellite Studies Reveal Groundwater Depletion around the World
NASA GISS Identifies 14 Air Pollution Control Measures to Slow Global Warming, Improve Health and Increase Crop Yields
Studies Indicate Increasing Frequency of Intense Storms, Storm Surges
More Americans Believe Climate Change is Happening
Extreme Weather Makes a Convincing Case for Climate Change
Forests and the Health of the Planet
Global Warming in a Nutshell
Expect the Unexpected to happen with Climate Change
Wind, Solar...Coconuts: Small Island Developing States Commit to Renewable, Sustainable Energy for All
Solar Paint Technology May Revolutionize the Renewable Energy Industry
Arctic Monitoring Stations Report CO2 Levels of 400 parts per million
40 Eco-Apps that Put Technology to Work for the Environment
Findings and Solutions in the Living Planet Report 2012
Arctic Sea Ice Continues its Summer Retreat
Why you really DO need to properly recycle or dispose of your printer cartridges!
Mysterious Rise in Ocean Salinity
Global Conference Discusses Biodiversity Loss
Survey Shows Business Community Moving Toward Sustainability
US Military Takes Part in Reducing Ecological Footprint
Reports Reiterate Link Between Environment and Economy
Naples Plans to Tap Mt. Vesuvius as Core of Sustainable Energy Strategy
NASA Develops Aircraft Design that Uses 50 Percent Less Fuel
Climate Change Adaptation for Agriculture, Forests
Renewable Energy Capacity Fuels Power Growth in January
The Growth of Efficient Buildings
Renewable Sources Provide All New Generating Capacity in January – Three-Fold Increase From Same Period Last Year
The Importance of Aircraft Emission in Climate Change
How RGGI is Growing Renewable Energy and Reducing GHGs
New Materials Promise to Dramatically Drop Photovoltaic Prices
US Greenhouse Gas Emissions are Down
Extended Range Electric & Hybrid Cars that Reduce Environmental Impacts
EarthTalk: Climate Change and Hawaii’s Coral Reefs
Drought and Desertification - Global Response
Arctic Ocean Rapidly Acidifying
EPA Reports to Congress on National Safe Drinking Water Needs
Hawaii's Fishermen: Scapegoats for Forces Outside their Control
Cleaner Power from Innovation: Creative Approaches to Renewable Energy
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