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The Connection between Climate Change and Hurricane Sandy
"Fertilizer to Fork" Approach Contributes to Climate Change
Shocking Number of Squatters Found in Sumatran National Park
Borneo may lose half its orangutans to deforestation, hunting, and plantations
House Windows are a Threat to Birds
Great apes suffer mid-life crisis too
Forests worldwide near tipping-point from drought
Initiative Raises Money to Keep Oil Companies out of Ecuador
Savannah Ecosystems in Danger
Palm oil or lard?
China plans over 300 dam projects worldwide
Some Amazon Tree Species Found to Have Existed for Millions of Years
Extreme Weather Delays Efforts to Regain Control of Run-aground Oil Rig
An avalanche of decline: snow leopard populations are plummeting
Recovery of Atlantic Forest depends on land-use histories
Mercury Contamination Similarities Found Between Birds and People
Australia reels from record heatwave, fires
Why is SO Much Food Wasted?
Hope for the Wild Yak
Botswana, Zambia & Costa Rica Toughen Hunting Regulations to Help Endangered Species
Global Warming and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
'Biotic Pump' Theory Suggests Forests Drive Wind and Rain
New Research Questions Invasive Bird Introduction to Manage Tick Populations in Turkey
Sri Lanka to give poached ivory to Buddhist temple, flouting international agreements
Over 35,000 march on Washington demanding climate action and rejection of Canada's 'carbon bomb'
Is a Baby Giant Armadillo Cute? Yes!
Stress makes organic tomatoes more nutritious, sweeter
Tigers Get the Conservation Love in India
Shell suspends Arctic oil drilling for the year
Warnings of global ecological tipping points may be overstated
Starry Frog is NOT Extinct After all!
Impacts of Global Warming on Rainforest Modeled
Photographers Threatening the Already-Maligned Slender Loris
Tribe rejects payment from electricity company behind destructive Amazon Dam
8 Frogs Discovered in 1 Sanctuary
Man Caught Smuggling Over 10% of Tortoise Species' Population
Is Hemp Farming the next Green Job growth industry
Where the flamingos fly: Mumbai, apparently!
U.S. CO2 emissions falls to lowest level since 1994
Yum! Brands announces 'greener' paper policy
Norwegian Pinot Noir?: Global Warming to Drastically Shift Wine Regions
Global Forest Watch 2.0 will help monitor our forests
Civet poop coffee may be threatening wild species
A new tool against illegal logging: tree DNA technology goes mainstream
Malaysia may be home to more Asian tapirs than previously thought
Clownfish helps its anemone host to breathe
Rhinos now extinct in Mozambique's Limpopo National Park
The shady business of online wildlife trade
Climate Change is Already Affecting the Amazon
Is it possible to reduce the impact of oil drilling in the Amazon rainforest?
Unconventional swine: how invasive pigs are helping preserve biodiversity in the Pantanal
The world's largest 'waste dump' is found in the Pacific Ocean
Mount Everest glaciers have shrunk 13% in 50 years
Eat Insects To Mitigate Deforestation and Climate Change
Industrialized fishing has forced seabirds to change what they eat
Researchers Develop Highest-resolution Global Forest Cover Dataset to Date
India's hornbill conservator is awarded the "Green Oscar"
Plants re-grow after five centuries under the ice
Scientists Discover High Mercury Levels in Amazon Residents, Gold-Mining to Blame
New Study Predicts Significant Global Warming
Rainforests will survive extreme global warming, argues study
Data from NASA's Landsat 8 now available in almost real time
Difference within Common Species May Predict the Presence of Rare Animals
Saving the Tenkile
The Giant hot pink slug
Tibetan monks partner with conservationists to protect the snow leopard
Ocean acidification pushing young oysters into 'death race'
11,000 barrels of oil spill into the Amazon's Coca River
Logging may destabilize carbon in forest soils
Warming world hits fig wasps and figs
Seabirds face big problems as sea levels rise
Conserving Top Predators Results in Less CO2 in the Air
New pirate ant uses sickle-shaped mandibles to decimate rivals
Over 30 tons of explosives to be detonated in Manu National Park buffer zone
After Long Wait, Obama Lays Out Fight Against Climate Change
Indonesia's fires are a global concern
Indonesia to spend $10M on cloud-seeding scheme to slow haze
Giraffe need conservation help too!
New forensic method tells the difference between poached and legal ivory
US Initiative to Combat Elephant and Rhino Poaching in Africa
Illegal palm oil from an Indonesian national park used by Asian Agri, Wilmar, WWF report says
Chinese lose 2.5 billion years of life expectancy due to coal burning
Rising temperatures are triggering rainforest trees to produce more flowers
Forests may be using less water as CO2 rises
Forgotten Species: The Arapaima or 'Dinosaur Fish'
What is causing drop in Monarch Butterfly population?
Madagascar's rate of speciation slowing down
80% of Rainforests in Malaysian Borneo Logged
Scientists build app to automatically identify species based on their calls
Galapagos sea lions threatened by human exposure
Long-term health of Congo forests threatened by human activity
Oil palm genome mapped, could boost yields, reduce pressure on rainforests
Cheetah Don't Overheat During Hunts
Illegal marijuana cultivation threatens Nigeria's forests and chimps
Climate change has the potential for significant impacts on coffee
Meet Thor's Shrew: Scientists Discover New Mammal with Superior Spine
Two more species declared extinct in Florida
Jumbo problems for the Indian railways
Deforestation ban working in Costa Rica
Foodies eat lab-grown burger that could change the world
Old-growth trees store half rainforest carbon
Does size matter (for lemur smarts, that is)?
Hope rises as new malaria vaccine shows promise
Meet the Olinguitos!
Illegally captured parrots finally free to fly
Climate change killing harp seal pups
Pesticide Problems in the Amazon
85% of Brazilian leather goes to markets sensitive to environmental concerns
Google Earth Introduces Fish-Eye View of Coral Reefs
Trinidad and Tobago: A Biodiversity Hotspot Overlooked
Are sea turtles responsible for lower fish catches in India?
World's biggest owl depends on large old trees
Two new Species of Octocorals Discovered in the Pacific Ocean
Snake Fungal Disease Hits U.S.
Europe importing more palm oil for biofuels, raising risks for rain forests
Loose laws threaten Australia's wildlife
Global warming may 'flatten' rainforests
Indigenous people of Honduras granted one million hectares of rainforest
Leaping Legless Lizards!
Newly discovered chytrid fungus devastates salamander populations
Shark overfishing hurts coral reefs
Borneo Tribesmen Block Road as Controversial Rainforest Dam Impoundment Begins
Climate change pushing tropical trees upslope 'exactly as predicted'
Indonesia and EU sign deal to end illegal timber trade
Pet Fish Invade Ecosystem, Upending Nutrients and Impoversishing Fishers
Climate change could increase diarrheal disease in Botswana
Amphibians Evolve Resistance To Popular Pesticide
Russia Charges Non-Violent Activists with Piracy For Protesting Articl Oil Drilling
Nitrogen Fixation
Australia Officially Bans Imports of Illegally-Logged Timber
Sea and storm: coastal habitats offer strongest defense
Meeting the mammal that survived the dinosaurs
France Upholds Nationwide Ban on Fracking
Camera Traps Reveal Wealth of Small Carnivores in Gabon
The Yeti: A hoax or an ancient polar bear species?
98% of Marine Fish Headed For the Aquarium Trade Die Within a Year in the Phillippines
Armored giant turns out to be vital ecosystem engineer
'Lost' bird rediscovered in New Caledonia along with 16 potentially new species
The mystery of the disappearing elephant tusk
Renewable energy revolution will require better management of metals
Bolivia, Madagascar, China see jump in forest loss
Deforestation may hurt US agriculture, affect monsoon cycle
CO2 Concentrations Hit New High Last Year
Port development threatens Jamaican Iguana comeback
Dolphins, bats and the evolution of echolocation
Ultraviolet nets significantly reduce sea turtle bycatch
Filipino delegate: no denying climate change now
Longline Fisheries in Costa Rica Hook Tens of Thousands of Sea Turtles Every Year
Tiny algae signal big changes for warming Arctic lakes
Study estimates 400,000 seabirds are killed by gillnets
Carbon emissions set to hit new record high in 2013
Japan pledges to raise carbon emissions, not cut them
Indonesia’s National Airline Carrier Bans Shark Fins
Not all mangroves are created equal: new map reveals carbon storage hot-spots
Reversing local extinction: scientists bring the northern bald ibis back to Europe after 300 years
Majority of Big Saharan Animals Threatened by Extinction
Meat Consumption on the Rise
Scientists record primates regularly using caves for the first time
Conventional satellite imagery may underestimate forest clearing for subsistence agriculture
Average American Consumes 50,000 Pounds of Raw Material Annualy For The Stuff They Buy
Data Shows Tropical Mammals on Decline
New Tapir Species Discovered
World Sufferes Warmest November on Record
New Coral Species Discovered in French Polynesia
Bee-Harming Pesticides May Impact Human Nervous System
Global Warming Could Impact Antartic Food Chain
Down Under scorching: Australia experiences warmest year on record
Environmental Degradation Leads to Public Health Crisis
Tree Island restoration
Climate fail: Geoengineering would cool planet, but screw up rainfall patterns
Carbon Emissions in U.S. Rise 2 Percent Due to Increase in Coal
Land conflicts complicate effort to spare forests from palm oil in Borneo
Handful of Species Key to Ecosystem Health, Study Finds
One quarter of all sharks and rays are threatened with extinction
Emissions outsourced to China return to US as air pollution
Amazing discovery in Antarctica: sea anemones found living upside down under ice
Gas company to drill in Manu National Park buffer zone, imperiling indigenous people
Empresa de Gas autorizada a perforar en la zona de amortiguamiento del Parque Nacional Manu, poniendo en peligro a las poblaciones indígenas
Peatland plantations drive steep GHG gas emissions in Indonesia's Riau Province
Plantaciones en humedales influyen en las emisiones de GEI en la provincia de Riau, Indonesia
Millions of Birds Killed Annually due to Window Collisions
Millones de aves mueren anualmente debido a colisiones en ventanas
Marine Protected Areas deemed largely ineffective
Microsoft Buys Madagascar Carbon Credits
Microsoft compra Bonos de carbono de Madagascar
New Tool Will Help Revolutionize Forest Monitoring
Increased Ocean Acidification Rate Puts Polar Ecosystems at Risk
Plastic Waste Ingested by Worms Threatens Marine Food Chains
Illegal logging threatens sustainability in Mozambique
Amazon Trees Diverse in Chemicals
Los árboles del Amazonas, diversos en productos químicos
Supergene defines butterfly patterns
Cocaine: The New Face of Deforestation in Central America
La cocaína: La nueva cara de la deforestación en América Central
Can Penguins Cope with Climate Change?
Mountain Thermostats
Blame Humans: New Research Proves People Killed Off New Zealand's Giant Birds
Leftover trees enhance the biodiversity of new forests
Scientists Urge Ban On Roads In Intact Wilderness Areas
Grocery giant commits to zero-deforestation policy for palm oil sourcing
Gigante comercial se compromete a la política de cero deforestaciones para el abastecimiento de aceite de palma.
Revealed For The First Time: The Surprising Biodiversity Of Algae 'Reefs'
H&M, Zara commit to cutting rainforest destruction out of clothing production
From Seals to Starfish: Polar Bears Radically Shift Diets as Habitat Melts
City lights threaten rain forests by deterring bats
EDGE List Released: Meet the 100 Strangest and Most Endangered Birds
Human Life Expectancy Linked to Extinctions
Weird and Mysterious: Scientists Find New Shark Species
After Widespread Deforestation, China Bans Commercial Logging in Northern Forests
Congo rainforest losing its greenness, finds NASA
Eating endangered species in China could yield jail time
Comer especies en peligro de extinción en China podría llevar a la cárcel
Coral Yields Medically Useful Compounds
India, not China, has the world's worst urban air pollution
Tipping point already reached?
Scientists discover giant sperm fossilized in bat guano
El coral produce compuestos médicamente útiles.
African nation seeks $1 billion to save its rainforest
April Ties For Warmest On Record
Trawling: destructive fishing method is turning sea floors to 'deserts'
Zebras Break Record for Africa's Longest Terrestrial Migration
Intact Amazon forests show possible signs of global warming impact
La selva intacta del Amazonas muestra posibles signos del calentamiento global
Boreal forests and Climate Change: Better management practices needed
In cutting deforestation, Brazil leads world in reducing emissions
How herring populations are affected by commercial fisheries
Hope for the Indian rhino
800+ Species added to IUCN Threatened List
Cloud Forests and Biodiversity
Connecting population growth and biodiversity decline
Conectando el crecimiento demográfico con la biodiversidad
Small Elephant-Relative Spotted in Namibia
A Fine Line : New Program Predicts When Human Impact Becomes Too Much
Nuevo software predice cuándo el impacto humano será demasiado.
The Amazon: A Savannah before a Forest
La Amazonia: Una Sabana antes de ser un Bosque
Fertilizer Threatens Grasslands Globally
Two Years After Coming Into Effect, Australia Kills Carbon Tax
Turtle Talk: Exactly how do turtles communicate?
Underestimating the Impacts of Old-Growth Logging
How Did Ebola Zaire Get To Guniea?
Elephants Under The Sea
Chinese Traditional Medicine Threatens Turtle Populations
When Forests Aren't Really Forests: The High Cost of Chile's Tree Plantaions
"Global Roadmap" Created to Balance Development with Environmental Protection
Norway has biggest whaling season in over 20 years
Protected Areas Do Work, Says Study
Global Population May Surpass 13 Billion by End of Century
Chinese Now Emit More Carbon Per Capita Than Europeans
New research in Thailand finds birds and bats key to reforestation efforts
No longer able to find sea ice, walruses turn to land
Elephants worth more alive, than when they are poached for ivory
Could California Be Facing A Mega-Drought?
Is the world moving backwards on protected areas?
310 Species Added to IUCN Red List
Establishing marine protected areas to fight illegal fishing
New Report Shows Little Hope of Reaching 'Sustainable Population' in Next Century
Pollution May Cause Problems for Pollinators
New report finds bamboo may help mitigate climate change, reduce fossil fuel use, protect forests
An app to save 400 million animals
Study finds reefs reduce wave energy by 97%
Did Palm Oil Expansion Play A Role In The Ebola Crisis?
Seabirds suffer from pollutant exposure
Giant clam has giant impact
The Future of Droughts in the US Central Plains and Southwest
Biodiversity may reduce threat of disease
China bans carved ivory imports
Large animals are needed to regenerate tropical forests
Yum! Brands announces zero deforestation policy for palm oil
US-protected lands mismatch biodiversity priorities
Selective logging may underestimate carbon stock
Siaga population cut in half in less than a month
Acidic Arctic Ocean Threatens Food Web
New Sensor Tag Technology Could Link Animal Behavior and Conservation Science
Sierra Nevada snowpack at historic low
Noise pollution harms wildlife, degrades habitats
To Kill or Not to Kill: The Great Specimen Debate
Tourists may bring more home than just souvenirs
2015 Year in Review
California Methane Leak leads to State of Emergency
Acoustic Sanctuaries for Marine Mammals
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