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India, not China, has the world's worst urban air pollution
Tipping point already reached?
Scientists discover giant sperm fossilized in bat guano
El coral produce compuestos médicamente útiles.
African nation seeks $1 billion to save its rainforest
April Ties For Warmest On Record
Trawling: destructive fishing method is turning sea floors to 'deserts'
Zebras Break Record for Africa's Longest Terrestrial Migration
Intact Amazon forests show possible signs of global warming impact
La selva intacta del Amazonas muestra posibles signos del calentamiento global
Boreal forests and Climate Change: Better management practices needed
In cutting deforestation, Brazil leads world in reducing emissions
How herring populations are affected by commercial fisheries
Hope for the Indian rhino
800+ Species added to IUCN Threatened List
Cloud Forests and Biodiversity
Connecting population growth and biodiversity decline
Conectando el crecimiento demográfico con la biodiversidad
Small Elephant-Relative Spotted in Namibia
A Fine Line : New Program Predicts When Human Impact Becomes Too Much
Nuevo software predice cuándo el impacto humano será demasiado.
The Amazon: A Savannah before a Forest
La Amazonia: Una Sabana antes de ser un Bosque
Fertilizer Threatens Grasslands Globally
Two Years After Coming Into Effect, Australia Kills Carbon Tax
Turtle Talk: Exactly how do turtles communicate?
Underestimating the Impacts of Old-Growth Logging
How Did Ebola Zaire Get To Guniea?
Elephants Under The Sea
Chinese Traditional Medicine Threatens Turtle Populations
When Forests Aren't Really Forests: The High Cost of Chile's Tree Plantaions
"Global Roadmap" Created to Balance Development with Environmental Protection
Norway has biggest whaling season in over 20 years
Protected Areas Do Work, Says Study
Global Population May Surpass 13 Billion by End of Century
Chinese Now Emit More Carbon Per Capita Than Europeans
New research in Thailand finds birds and bats key to reforestation efforts
No longer able to find sea ice, walruses turn to land
Elephants worth more alive, than when they are poached for ivory
Could California Be Facing A Mega-Drought?
Is the world moving backwards on protected areas?
310 Species Added to IUCN Red List
Establishing marine protected areas to fight illegal fishing
New Report Shows Little Hope of Reaching 'Sustainable Population' in Next Century
Pollution May Cause Problems for Pollinators
New report finds bamboo may help mitigate climate change, reduce fossil fuel use, protect forests
An app to save 400 million animals
Study finds reefs reduce wave energy by 97%
Did Palm Oil Expansion Play A Role In The Ebola Crisis?
Seabirds suffer from pollutant exposure
Giant clam has giant impact
The Future of Droughts in the US Central Plains and Southwest
Biodiversity may reduce threat of disease
China bans carved ivory imports
Large animals are needed to regenerate tropical forests
Yum! Brands announces zero deforestation policy for palm oil
US-protected lands mismatch biodiversity priorities
Selective logging may underestimate carbon stock
Siaga population cut in half in less than a month
Acidic Arctic Ocean Threatens Food Web
New Sensor Tag Technology Could Link Animal Behavior and Conservation Science
Sierra Nevada snowpack at historic low
Noise pollution harms wildlife, degrades habitats
To Kill or Not to Kill: The Great Specimen Debate
Tourists may bring more home than just souvenirs
2015 Year in Review
California Methane Leak leads to State of Emergency
Acoustic Sanctuaries for Marine Mammals
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