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Overuse of fertilizer in China leads to soil acidification
Dr. Jane Goodall: 'I'm not going to fight for animal rights'
Emissions-based climate deal 'not possible'
Indian court convicts seven in Bhopal chemical plant disaster
Trees a 'low-cost' solution to air pollution and biodiversity loss in cities
Policymakers recognise peak oil threat, now they need to deal with it
'Cheap' solar geoengineering plans may have unintended consequences
Tanzania’s Serengeti Highway plan could destroy major carbon sink
Non-stick pans can affect our hormones, new research suggests
Landfill could be greener than recycling when it comes to plastic bottles
US delays approval for fast-growing GM salmon
Fish farmers in Scotland killing estimated 2,000 seals a year
Hungary toxic spill 'could be worse' than Baia Mare cyanide disaster
Poverty forces Roma people to scavenge toxic e-waste
Maldives 'tourism boom' putting manta rays at risk
UN biodiversity targets now need to be implemented say campaigners
Shocking legacy of 'uranium poisonings' haunts Obama's looming mining decision
Whisky and waves: the future of Scottish isle's power?
Egypt's factory farming boom threatens social strife in a hungry country
Seoul: on course to be one of the world's greenest cities?
Rabbits named Britain's most costly invasive species
Air pollution linked to 200,000 premature deaths in UK
Climate change: we are like slave-owners
The Wandle Trust: restoring London's 'hidden gem' river
Contaminated eggs: industrial farming leading to dioxin-type food scares
Last refuge of rare fish threatened by Yangtze dam plans
WWF calls for more intensive beef production in Brazil
Study of spiders shows species may be able to adapt to global warming
Hundreds of whales face slaughter as Norway's killing season resumes
Egypt faces 'environmental crisis' following ousting of Mubarak
Record carbon emissions leave climate on the brink
Britain's richest man to build giant Arctic iron ore mine
Activism special Just Do It: the story of modern-day outlaws
How the boom in climbing, biking and sailing is costing the earth
Why we need to stop trying to 'save the planet' and just realise our place in it
Death by fashion: is your wardrobe poisoning the world's water supply?
The struggle to save Alaska's 'illness-busting' wild berries
The VOLT goes to Europe as the Vauxhall Ampera
Europe's prawn obsession devastating local communities in Bangladesh
Coffee: is the black stuff as green as it should be?
Toxic fallout as activists challenge strawberry industry's pesticide use
Behind the Brand: IKEA
Five of the best eco friendly shampoos
Shale gas fracking 'probable' cause of Lancashire quakes
Durban climate summit: is it time to forget about 2 degrees of warming?
The hidden costs of gold: mercury poisoning blights mining communities
Snack on that! Are insects the future of food?
Travel special: Has the ski industry got its head in the snow about climate change?
Is there room for wildlife as Africa grapples with development?
How global finance fuels a secretive and unethical land grab in Africa
Warning as infectious salmon disease spreads from Europe's fish farms to Canada
The eco travel guide to Finland
Too clever by half: is technology killing the planet?
Tainted gold: thousands join protest against Peru's largest ever mining project
Peru's vanishing fish stocks 'devastated' by growing fishmeal demand
Pesticides linked to honeybee decline
Are straw bales the future of sustainable building?
Chemical weapon and radiation fear at Scottish RAF base
Why the best world-changing ideas begin in your neighborhood
Conserving the Wild West: Arizona’s green dream
Why we all need to worry about the decline in native butterflies
Are captive tuna farms a viable alternative to overfishing?
Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists
Will EU subsidies be enough to encourage greener farming?
Would You Eat Lab-grown Meat?
Cleaning up the Bosphorus
Toxic chemicals used for leather production poisoning India’s tannery workers
Ash dieback: number of affected counties doubles
Ocean-grabbing threatens the food security of entire communities
Feeding Paris - why the city needs to adopt the 'fairer' diet
Earth Hour 2013: March 23, 8:30 PM
The Hidden Conservation Costs of Renewable Energy
Why eating insects is good for the environment
Fracking poses risk to UK farm animals and food safety, experts warn
Solar power straight off the shelf
Ecology: Life's Connections
Nuclear power gets twice the price of solar!
Shanghai air quality crisis
A little less coal for China
Amazon forest loss and water supply are linked
Peru - gas expansion in Amazon 'indigenous reserve'
Warming climate will bring more extreme 'El Nino' events
L'Oreal moves against forest destruction
Golden Rice - a complex tangle of unanswered questions
Arroz Dorado: Un complejo laberinto de preguntas sin respuesta
Kelloggs goes 'deforestation free'
Largest US grocery stores say 'no' to GMO salmon
Warming up all over, even in the Arctic
Forest Peoples at risk from 'carbon grab'
The omni-benefits of regenerative pasture
Chernobyl: thirty years hence...
Chernóbil: treinta años después.
Three Mile Island - 35 years on
'Extreme levels' of Roundup are the norm in GMO soya
We need to focus on health and well-being, not economic growth
Solar gaining on coal in India
Why we need to keep rivers cool with riverside tree planting
Renewables have the economic advantage over fossil fuels
World's biggest tropical carbon sink found in Congo rainforest
Decarbonising the UK economy
Measures of poverty and well-being still ignore the environment - this must change
Natural gas leaks from power plants, refineries, 100 times greater than thought
As government delays pollution plan, study shows how killer nanoparticles cause heart disease
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