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Toxic chemicals used for leather production poisoning India’s tannery workers
Ash dieback: number of affected counties doubles
Ocean-grabbing threatens the food security of entire communities
Feeding Paris - why the city needs to adopt the 'fairer' diet
Earth Hour 2013: March 23, 8:30 PM
The Hidden Conservation Costs of Renewable Energy
Why eating insects is good for the environment
Fracking poses risk to UK farm animals and food safety, experts warn
Solar power straight off the shelf
Ecology: Life's Connections
Nuclear power gets twice the price of solar!
Shanghai air quality crisis
A little less coal for China
Amazon forest loss and water supply are linked
Peru - gas expansion in Amazon 'indigenous reserve'
Warming climate will bring more extreme 'El Nino' events
L'Oreal moves against forest destruction
Golden Rice - a complex tangle of unanswered questions
Arroz Dorado: Un complejo laberinto de preguntas sin respuesta
Kelloggs goes 'deforestation free'
Largest US grocery stores say 'no' to GMO salmon
Warming up all over, even in the Arctic
Forest Peoples at risk from 'carbon grab'
The omni-benefits of regenerative pasture
Chernobyl: thirty years hence...
Chernóbil: treinta años después.
Three Mile Island - 35 years on
'Extreme levels' of Roundup are the norm in GMO soya
We need to focus on health and well-being, not economic growth
Solar gaining on coal in India
Why we need to keep rivers cool with riverside tree planting
Renewables have the economic advantage over fossil fuels
World's biggest tropical carbon sink found in Congo rainforest
Decarbonising the UK economy
Measures of poverty and well-being still ignore the environment - this must change
Natural gas leaks from power plants, refineries, 100 times greater than thought
As government delays pollution plan, study shows how killer nanoparticles cause heart disease
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