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World's first consumer standard label for wind power launched
Future forests may soak up more CO2 than previously believed
Study measures each nation's output of carbon dioxide
NASA snaps tens of millions of fires on Earth in decade-long study
Scottish Government commits £18m for wave and tidal power
Chain hotels beat independent rivals to go green
Catholic archbishop says climate change action is a waste of time and money
Scientists flushed with success after "sprinkle-power" breakthrough
Air pollution linked for first time to droughts and major storms
Broadcasters lose their nerve over BBC's climate change program
Mystery deepens over Europe-wide radiation alert
Da Vinci's Last Supper faces new threat of damage from air pollution
US carbon capture project starts to bury one million tonnes of CO2
Global forestry loss is not as great as first feared, UN study confirms
Green policies can halve CO2 emissions from energy sector, says OECD and IEA
NASA data confirms pollution has nearly halved from US coal power plants
Three-quarters of English Channel sea birds contain toxic levels of plastic
Solar power can now be produced for less than $1 a watt, study finds
Wind turbines are supposed to like the wind!
Weather experts warn of second huge storm to hit length and breadth of UK
Measuring carbon emissions: How can business really be accurate?
UK approach on renewable energy is deeply flawed, claims new report
UK issues severe weather alert as experts warn of worst storm in decades
11 billion miles from Earth, "Grand Tour of the Solar System" comes to an end
After 40-year decrease, figures show rise in UK acid rain pollution
Study finds link between air pollution and increase in DNA damage
Scotland looks to build on a record year for renewable energy
Survey reveals consumer interest in electric vehicles continues to slide
Think-tank blasted over "flawed" wind power report
Europe's mountains show clear and rapid change to a warming climate
Does Hyacinth the cow hold the key to a more sustainable future?
List of natural disasters and extreme weather makes 2011 the worst on record
UN launches International Year of Sustainable Energy for All
Working in an office can damage your health, new study warns
Met Office says decline in solar output unlikely to offset global warming
UK tops global league table for sustainable corporations
NASA Confirms Man's role in Global Warming
Europe to target pharmaceutical pollution with new water quality rules
London falls behind on targets to become electric car capital of Europe
Scotland releases blueprint for offshore renewable energy roll-out
Cambridge University reveals breakthrough for super-efficient solar cells
World's biggest offshore wind farm officially connected to the Grid
Europe and US sign trade agreement over organic products
Banks and investors back calls to biggest companies to cut emissions
Global CFC ban and unintended consequences
Fire at UK Biomass Power Plant triggered by a single spark
European nations will have to set legally binding targets on energy efficiency
New UK strategy looks to reduce costs of offshore wind power
Diesel Exhaust linked to cancer
Huge Solar Storm hitting Earth
Drought-hit England announces first wave of emergency measures
Edinburgh named home city for Green Investment Bank HQ
Europe steps up challenge over China's rare metal restrictions
History of climate change re-written with release of Russian data
New report links an increased public cancer risk with fracking sites
Global aviation sector commits to support a sustainable future
London to ban old black cabs!
Dolphins show signs of severe illness in wake of Gulf oil spill
Scotland on the High Road to Sustainable Energy
Birds sing louder than 30 years ago to be heard over city din
Europe announces huge green energy package for developing nations
Greenland's ice cover appears to be sliding into the ocean
Forestry biomass will increase greenhouse gas emissions, study warns
Rivers flowing into the sea offer vast potential as carbon-free energy source
Car emissions claim more UK lives than road accidents, study finds
How Can we Separate Man Made Greenhouse Gases from Those Naturally Occurring?
China signs deal with Iceland to develop geothermal energy
Bee, extinct in the UK to be re-introduced
David Cameron outlines a Green Plan for Britain, gets mixed reviews
Campaign groups clash over onshore wind turbine report
Biodiversity loss significant impact on ecosystems
Scientists create constant supply of sterile water using sunlight and air
Study links common household chemicals with rising rates of cancer
US consumers willing to pay 13% more to support a clean energy standard
Forest-sourced biofuel is bad for the environment, new study warns
European Airlines provide early data on carbon emissions, show slight reduction
Climate Change Doubt not due to ignorance of the science
Greenland glacier melt was faster in 1930s than today
Cool paving materials helps lower city temperatures, study finds
Kitchen air pollution is three-times higher than busy city centres
World's biggest cities are tapping into the green economy benefits
US bucks global trend of closing down nuclear power stations
Sea Level Rise may continue for Centuries
Pet owners show greater concern for the environment
Uninformed Generation X are unconcerned about climate change
End of the last Ice Age - Close linkage between CO2 and temperature found
United Nations hails green credentials of London's Olympic Games
Offshore wind will play a vital role in the UK's future energy mix, report confirms
World's first community-owned tidal turbine to power up
Study confirms Arctic sea ice set to plunge to lowest measure on record
Iskander Malaysia: World's First "Smart Metropolis"
Have Carbon Emissions Passed an Important Threshold?
Research reveals why sea levels are rising faster than previously feared
UK faces higher risk of flooding and droughts as water crisis looms
Europe is exporting more waste than ever as illegal trade grows
Growth of Renewables will continue with continued subsidies
Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions Delaying the Start of an Ice Age?
New research finds mine waste could provide an effective CO2 trap
Survey finds men are more environmentally responsible car drivers than women
Owl wings may inspire new design for quieting aircrafts
Emissions Gap report warns of urgent need for climate change action
Children cite 'pollution' as greatest environmental concern
Magnetic Fields from Antarctic research stations a potential problem
Hydrogen could help cut emissions and boost wind and solar power
NOAA predicts sea level will rise 0.2 to 2 meters by 2100
Last Turbine Installed at World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm
From Landfill to Energy: UK Partnership Converts Methane Gas to Electricity
Environmental Excellence in Racing? YES!
Discovery finds waste sulphur can boost electric car industry
Air pollution linked to life-threatening hardening of the arteries
UK Leads the World on Using Tax To Tackle Carbon and Climate Change
Supermarket delivery services are greener than driving to shop
Scottish Islands could help UK achieve renewable energy targets
Offshore Floating Wind Turbines
New poll confirms majority of public support renewable energy
Energy saving measures boost house prices, new research reveals
New conservation complex will protect critically endangered gorillas
Shale gas fracking linked to earthquakes in Youngstown, Ohio
New report calls for immediate action to tackle aviation emissions
Crop Pests Spread Towards Poles
In the UK, fracking debate distracting public from energy efficiency
Liquid air technology could boost the role of renewable energy
Wind power could generate 18% of global power by 2050
Chickens to benefit from surge in biofuels popularity
UK Government Panel weighs in on fracking risks
Playing loud pop music boosts output of solar panels by 40%
Green Father Christmas promotes less consumption
Europe to open up free access to environmental satellite data
US Clean Energy Sector Breaks Through 1 Million Job Vacancies
World's first ever 'Brussels Sprout Battery' lights up Christmas tree
UK ordered to install 70,000 electric vehicle charging points by 2020
Water industry warns it may not match demands of public supply and fracking
UK looking to reap green energy from roadside verges
Europe's biggest renewable energy plant completes switch from coal to biomass
Renewable energy is young generation's top investment choice
More than 40% of Scotland's energy demand is now met by renewables
Scientists uncover hidden river of rubbish flowing through London
Record Winds Cause Energy Prices to Fall in Europe
Scotland's tidal energy potential is greater than a nuclear power plant
Natural sugar batteries could be running world's gadgets within 3 years
"Phosphate free for all" from P & G
Sin Fosfatos Para Todos
Scientists transform old plastic shopping bags into vehicle fuel
Record year for offshore wind energy hides slowdown in new projects
Building Green
24 fewer days of winter ice
"24 días Menos de Hielo Invernal"
Global temperatures now available on Google Earth
Urban Bees Start Using Plastic Waste to Build Hives
Breakthrough reported in search for the "holy grail" of fusion energy
One-in-five products not complying with energy saving claims
Uno de cada 5 productos no cumple con el ahorro de energía que anuncia
Wind farms have longer operational life than previously thought
Experts develop low-cost solar panels by recycling rare metals
UK unveils world first carbon capture project at gas-fired power station
El Reino Unido da a conocer el primer proyecto de captura de carbono en una planta de energía a gas
89% of E-Waste Is Neglected Due To Mobile Phone Recycling Popularity
Electric cars and the grid
Melting summer ice in Antarctica
80% of Europeans want a low carbon economy to help tackle climate change
Renewable energy helps Scotland become one of the world's wealthiest nations
Floods in Britain: a sign of things to come?
Inundaciones en Gran Bretaña: ¿señal de eventos por venir?
Nissan LEAF drivers save big!
British bird is an unlikely winner from changing climate
Paintings Help Chart History of Air Pollution
Antarctic ice study reveals accelerated sea level rise
Meeting climate targets may require reducing diet of meat and dairy
NASA study finds Arctic melt is now 15 days longer than 30 years ago
Wild Bees Improve Farm Revenues by Boosting Crop Yields
Nutritional quality of food crops decreases as CO2 levels rise
La calidad nutricional de los cultivos de alimentos disminuye a medida que aumenta el nivel de CO2.
World's first Water Stewardship Standard is released
To bee or not to bee
Odds of storm waters flooding Manhattan up 20-fold, new study finds
US wood pellet exports to Europe hit record high
Unleashing the inner green consumer
France moving away from Nuclear power
Litter Reaches Seafloor before Man
Scotland urging citizens to leave the car in the garage!
Cutting NYC air pollution will boost children's future earnings by $215m
¡Escocia urge a sus ciudadanos a dejar el coche en el garaje!
Scientists look to the future to help protect London from rising sea levels
Pioneering energy-generating sail is a step closer to reality
Scotland provides guidance to wind farms for the protection of bird life
Científicos ven hacia el futuro para proteger a Londres del creciente nivel del mar.
Greenland will be far greater contributor to sea rise than expected
Technology reducing cost of solar panels by half
Climate change threatens US landmarks
Tecnología reduce el costo de los paneles solares a la mitad
World's First Community Tidal Turbine Scheme Starts Generating Power
Eagles facing threat from diclofenac
Rules to cut carbon emissions also reduce harmful air pollution
Airport pollution worse than the freeways in LA?
Reglamentación para reducir emisiones de carbono también reduce contaminación del aire.
Reducing emissions to combat climate change
Hurricanes with female names result in greater death toll
New man-made gases discovered in atmosphere
Nuevos gases artificiales descubiertos en la atmósfera
Nasa Prepares To Launch First Satellite Dedicated To Measuring CO2 Levels
Study links pesticides and pregnancies with increased risk of autism
Coal mines to Solar PV in UK
Bio-fuel from Whisky distilling in Scotland
Estudio vincula pesticidas y embarazos con aumento en riesgo de autismo
2014 Natural Disaster Damage and Death Toll Well Below Average
New Study Links Kidney Stones to...Warming Climate?
Pesticide impairs bees' ability to forage
Drought Conditions Linked to Human Activity
Industrial lead pollution beat explorers to the South Pole by 22 years
Green Turtle success story
La contaminación por plomo industrial alcanzó a los exploradores del Polo Sur
Atlantic Ocean warming linked to Pacific trade winds
Spray-on Solar Panels?
Calentamiento del Océano Atlántico ligado a los vientos alisios del Pacífico
Harnessing High-Altitude Wind Energy
NASA reports unknown source of banned ozone-destroying compound
Network of rapid EV chargers planned for London
Study Suggests More Research before Fracking Continues
Ozone pollution in India kills crops that could feed starving population
Petrol vs. Diesel
Can fossils reveal how to reverse biodiversity loss?
How Air Pollution Affects River-Flow
How Yogurt Protects Us From Environmental Poisoning
How "Natural" are Naturally Labeled Foods?
Fracking Footprint Seen From Space
What could be better than LED lighting?
30-year study reveals startling decline in European birds
How Sustainable is the Modern Diet?
UK unveils first waste-fueled bus
Farms as sites for renewable energy
World Bank warns effects of warming climate now unavoidable
How the environment can trigger disease
El Banco Mundial advierte: Los efectos del calentamiento climático ya son inevitables
Education is a key to climate change adaption
UK considers sustainable aviation fuel
Good news, were eating less meat.
Going green has benefits beyond being good for you and the planet!
Why we need to reduce our "hidden water" usage
Britain brings back the battery-powered train
Study Finds New Toxic Contaminants In Oil And Gas Wastewater
Shell Slapped with Near-$1 million Fine for Falsely Selling Green Motor Fuel
Germany overtakes the UK in offshore wind energy
Airline industry makes strides in adopting sustainable biofuels
19,500 square miles of polar ice melts into oceans each year
Which type of energy will be the cheapest source of power?
¿Qué tipo de energía será la fuente más barata?
Are the EU's air pollution rules weaker than China's?
Renewable energy sources really making a difference!
How to reduce your car's impact
Lifecycle of Today's Cell Phone
Warmer Waters Threaten Future of Traditional Fish and Chips
Electric vehicle sales booming in France, Germany, UK
US energy-related CO2 emissions increase for second year in a row
US leads the world in EV adoption
Cleaner buses could result in fewer school absences
Can organic farming reverse agriculture from a carbon source to a carbon sink?
Solar power in Scotland is not a little enterprise
How forests can end global hunger
Could pumpkins be the answer to the food/biofuel crop dilemma?
The environmental impacts of common consumer products
Tips for Landlords to go green
First Wave Energy Device in US Powers Hawaii Military Base
How reusable bags change shopping decisions
E-Waste problem not going away
Ways to improve indoor air quality
More American shoppers becoming "locavores"
NASA's latest satellite data reveals global sea level rise
Satellite Study Calculates Earth's Tree Count
Coastal management strategies in the age of climate change
Air Quality in Scotland continuing to improve
Diesel cars in the EU having trouble meeting emissions standards on the road
Do you favor hotels that ask you to reuse your towels?
Bees don't like diesels!
Sea traffic linked to hazardous levels of nanoparticles along coastlines
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