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Redwood City, CA,

You Know the Ocean's in Trouble When Your Shell Starts Melting
How Sharks Could Help Predict Hurricanes
Goats to the Rescue in Fire-Prone Bay Area
Bottom feeding fish helping the fight against Global Warming
Cabras al rescate de áreas propensas a incendios en la Bahía
Saving bees with spider venom?
10 Amazing Animal Dads
New study shows link between bald eagle deaths and lead ammunition
Stones in bird baths are a GOOD idea!
Oklahoma and Earthquakes - Is Fracking to Blame?
Where's the Plastic?
Why is the US Throwing Away $1 Billion Worth of Fish Every Year?
Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks officially endangered, and that is not good news!
California NEEDS dry farming!
Why Seals Might Love Having More Wind Farms
How to encourage recycling and feed stray animals at the same time!
Por qué las focas podrían amar que haya más granjas eólicas
New Zoo Concept Boasts No Cages
Bees Don't Always Listen to the Hive
duh DUN... It's Shark Week!
What can we learn from the California Rim Fire?
Toxic Algae Scare Prompts Backlash Against Farms
University of Illinois studying bee venom as cancer treatment
Do we really need to kill wild animals that attack or threaten humans?
How did sea life end up living in outer space?
¿Realmente necesitamos matar animales salvajes que atacan o amenazan al ser humano?
Monarch Butterflies need Endangered Species Act protection
Why It's Important to Rinse Recyclables
Australia to end shark cull
Most Polluted Countries
Burlington, Vermont - Now 100% Powered by Renewable Energy
Some good news for the oceans!
California Becomes 1st State to Ban Plastic Bags
Why Cat Poop is Bad News for Sea Otters
Which Form of Energy is the Cheapest?
Canadian bats facing bleak future
Gray Wolf Sighted at Grand Canyon, Offers Hope for Species
Disguised Rover Used To Help Study Penguins
Urban Farming proving successful in Wheeling, West Virginia
Raven rescue successful!
First Solar Panel Bike Path Planned in Amsterdam
Want to Help Fight Wildlife Crimes? There's an App for that!
Good News for the Black-Footed Ferret
Manatees need some love too!
Japan submits new proposal to continue "scientific" whaling program
New Technology Brings Temperatures Down
The mystery of the disappearing plastic trash in the oceans solved!
Penguins Affected by Tourism in Antarctica
Don't put old electronic items in the trash!
Declining Monarch Butterfly Population Warrants Federal Protection
First 2 Fugitives from Interpol's Most Wanted Environmental List Nabbed
Salting Roads takes a Toll on the Environment
Are Marine Mammals Adapting to Avoid Humans?
Mystery Goo is Killing Seabirds in the San Francisco Bay
Ebola impacting Chimps and Gorillas even more than humans
Study Finds Leaks in Boston's Natural Gas Pipelines
Oil Train Derailment Causes Huge Fire in West Virginia
Going Tubeless
Newest 'green' burial method? Turn your loved ones into trees
Alcoholic Russian Bears may finally get the help they deserve!
Success Story: Baby Tortoises Return to Pinzón
Bill Proposed to Ban Wild Animals from Circus Performing
Massive marine sanctuary created in the Pacific
France passes law to promote green roofs
Shifting temperatures will affect flavors, quality of food
Its a fact: animals can predict earthquakes.
Carbon storage in world's biomass is increasing
President Obama approves Arctic drilling
EPA Moves to Restrict Bee-killing Pesticides
City Ants love Junk Food - but then again, who doesn't?
What countries have the most endangered animals?
Why Bees Can't Avoid Pesticides
California Resident Poll Expresses Wide Concern Over Drought
Meet Chernobyl's Wild Residents
The Ozone hole is shrinking
Could wind farm installation deafen marine life?
EPA Approves New Clean Water Protections
Switzerland Promotes Neighborhood Exchange Boxes
The Dangers of Microbeads in Personal Care Products
What is the value of bees?
Why do Americans waste so much food?
Using Invasive Species to Defeat Another Invasive Species
Beware the Giant Toxic Algae Bloom
Are kangaroos left-handed?
BP to pay billions in oil spill settlement
How microbes are cleaning up the BP oil spill
Welcome three new National Monuments
Does past sea level rise portend future rise from warming?
Ocean acidification is impacting phytoplankton now
Arctic ice growth doesn't disprove climate change
Offshore Wind Power Comes to the US
Ending Wildlife Crime Becomes Top Priority
Good news for Bobcats in California!
Power plant CO2 emissions at 27 year low
Unraveling the Secrets of a Whale Song
Happy World Elephant Day!
Is fracking water safe to irrigate crops?
El agua de fracking, ¿es segura para el riego?
Ants - Pests or pest controllers?
Is the fate of the polar bear really doomed?
World's First Solar-Powered Airport
Sea Turtles are making a Comeback!
Alarming report on the health of our oceans
Just how much waste are Americans creating?
Could Mealworms Help Solve our Styrofoam Waste Problem?
Chernobyl considered unlikely nature reserve for some species
Waterfalls are more threatened than you might think
These 10 Endangered Species are Running Out of Room to Roam
Should we say goodbye to cacti?
Earth is Losing Farmland at an Alarming Rate
Los Angeles area natural gas leak continues
Good news about restoring river ecosystems
Will Styrofoam Get the Plastic Bag Treatment?
High levels of PCBs threaten whales and dolphins
What's in YOUR fish tank?
Over 50 Percent of the World Breathes in Toxic Air
Will you take part in this year's Great Backyard Bird Count?
What is your dog's IQ?
Giant Iceberg Causes Penguin Deaths
Swimming pig colony is site to see in Bahamas
Oregon Kicks Dirty Coal Habit
The Florida jail that is also an animal shelter
Recycled water may be a solution to the California drought
Scotland shuts down its last coal-fired electric power plant
Good news for the world's tiger populations!
Microbots Could Play Key Role in Cleaning Up Our Water Systems
Do you live in one of America's worst cities for air pollution?
Coral Reef Discovered Near Mouth of Amazon River
Canadian wildfires cause large-scale evacuations
Should the National Parks allow corporations to put their name and logo on buildings and other features?
The Great Green Wall of Africa
Happy 'Love a Tree Day'!
GMOs May Be Safe to Eat, But Some Are Still Bad for the Planet
What Are Nile Crocodiles Doing in Florida?
Do You Conserve Water? You Could Probably Stand to Do Much More
Good news for the Giant Panda!
Not So Healthy: Young Fish Eat Microplastics Like Fast Food
Chile Is Producing So Much Solar Energy It's Giving Electricity Away for Free
Renewable Energy Hit Record Levels in 2015
Is sunscreen bad for coral reefs?
Thousands Ask Feds to Protect West Coast's Beloved Orcas Before It's Too Late
Fish use tools!
Environmental crimes increasing according to the UN
How Air Pollution Impacts Childhood Mental Health
A Plan to Mute Ocean Noise for Marine Life
First Mammal Goes Extinct From Manmade Climate Change
Using Only Renewable Energy, Portugal Powered Its Entire Country for Four Days
Climate Change Is Happening Faster Than African Crops Can Handle It
An ingredient in your sunscreen can be killing sharks
Is your makeup killing sharks?
66 Million Dead Trees in California Increases Wildfire Risk
Why Are There Frogs With Extra Limbs and Missing Eyes in Australia?
What Do You Know About New York Whales?
Which island holds the greatest concentration of mammals?
Boats Are Killing Manatees in Record Numbers
California Freeways to Go Greener by Generating Electricity
Can the Alligator Gar Solve Our Asian Carp Problem?
Americans are buying more bottled water than soda
Offshore Wind Moves a Step Closer for North Carolina
Climate Change Is Altering Our National Parks Forever
Smoke Waves Are the Next Climate Change Problem
Storms in Mexico Kill Millions of Monarchs
Obama Creates the World's Largest Marine Reserve
Meet a Surprising Plastic Alternative: Milk
Study Discovers Air Pollution Particles in the Human Brain
Air Pollution: The Billion Dollar Industry
You Could Be Eating Endangered Fish Without Even Realizing It
A Cruise Ship Just Sailed the Northwest Passage, Thanks to Climate Change
Millions of Trees are Dying Across the US
5 Species Most Likely to Survive a Climate Change Disaster
Bees Are Declared Endangered for the First Time in the U.S.
Seeing Fewer Butterflies? Blame Extreme Weather
Why do seabirds eat plastic?
102 Million Trees Have Died in California's Drought
The Paris Climate Deal Is Now in Force. What Comes Next?
China Announces End to Ivory Trade in 2017
Louisiana Faces Faster Levels of Sea-Level Rise Than Any Other Land on Earth
Beijing Creates Anti-Smog Police to Fight Air Pollution
Dutch Trains Are World's First to Run on 100% Wind Power
6 High-Tech Innovations That Could Solve Our Food-Waste Woes
Does Killing Birds Make Airports Safer?
The Dangers Behind Fast Food Packaging
Eating Fish? Then You're Eating Plastic, Too
Extraordinary Levels of Pollution Found in the Deepest Part of the Sea
Monarch Butterflies Just Lost Another Third of Their Population
Why a Southern California Refinery Explosion Could Kill Thousands
Manhattan-Sized Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica
Solar-Powered Water Wheels Prevented 1 Million Pounds of Trash From Entering Baltimore Harbor
U.S. Is Polluting Less, So Why Is Our Air Smoggier Than Ever?
Chicago Records No Snow in January and February for the First Time in 146 Years
Why Are Giant Pandas Black and White?
The UK's Drop in CO2 Emissions Shows the Power of Carbon Taxes
New UN Report Blames Pesticides for Food Insecurity
Global CO2 Levels Stay Flat for a Third Year
First Bumble Bee Finally Gets the Endangered Species Protection it Desperately Needs
Greenland's Coastal Glaciers Are Rapidly Withering Away
Manatees Just Lost Their Status as Endangered Species
Wildlife Safari Defends Its Elephant Car Wash
Rare Footage Helps Explain What Narwhals Use Their Tusks For
Are Bidets More Environmentally Friendly Than Toilet Paper?
Are your fireworks causing pollution?
France Will Ditch Gas and Diesel Cars by 2040
Your Tap Water Probably Contains Plastic Fibers
Is Climate Change Affecting Northern California's Devastating Fires?
5 Animals Who Love the Cold
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