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EarthNews Radio: Ways to Save Water

Jerry Kay discusses water use and water-saving options with Earth Policy Institute founder Lester Brown.

Farmers are primary consumers of water, so one way to reduce overall water use is for farmers to employ less water-intensive irrigation methods.

ENN's Jerry Kay spoke to Lester Brown, President and founder of Earth Policy Institute, who suggested ways to cut down on agricultural water usage.


He says we can use irrigation methods which save water, including the drip method, which is the most effective, rather than common methods such as the flood or sprinkler method.

He also says that from the indidivual consumer standpoint, living high on the food chain causes more water to be used. There is a multiplier effect on water use from eating meat rather than eating vegetables.

The Earth Policy Institute is a Washington, DC-based research and policy organization. Brown has authored several books on creating a sustainable economy, including Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble. For more information about Earth Policy Insitute, visit Outgrowing the Earth(Earth Policy Institute)

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