EarthNews Radio: Car Sharing

Car sharing can help the environment, and save money.

Car sharing can help the environment, and save money.

ENN's Jerry Kay spoke with Larry Magid, Executive Director of City Car Share.

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Magid said that City Car Share has 3000 members, about 30% of whom have sold their cars. Members not only contribute to reducing the number of cars in densely populated cities, but also enjoy the health benefits inherent in walking. Also, he said that increased utilization of public transportation increases the value of our public investment in those systems.

City Car Share is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support the concept of car-sharing to reduce automobile dependence in the San Francisco Bay area.

Car-sharing differs from car-rental. City Car Share members pay a monthly membership fee, and can reserve cars on short notice, picking them up from a number of locations in the Bay Area. Members pay a flat hourly and mileage fee for use. Gas and insurance are included in the price, eliminating the fixed costs associated with car ownership.

Similar programs exist in other parts of the US, such as Zipcar in Boston.

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