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EarthNews Radio in Review

A review of some of Jerry Kay's EarthNews Radio interviews that we've featured recently on ENN.

EarthNews Radio is the 90-second feature started on CBS Radio more than 20 years ago. It's your opportunity to get quick blasts of information and features some of the most interesting people who are working for a sustainable world. Host Jerry Kay has featured recently in particular guests who are working to make our food supply and our food choices more healthy, dovetailing with ENN's focus on gardening and small farms in April in honor of Earth Day.Recently he interviewed Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Union, who gave us tips on figuring out whether products we buy are truly organic:

Organic Consumers Association

However, American waistlines continue to grow. Jerry and Katrina Rill spoke with, Marion Nestle, professor at the Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health department at New York University and food-policy expert about this "growing" problem:

Junk Food and Our Waistlines

Nestle has a number of interesting and poignant views about our eating habits; Jerry followed up with her to talk in particular about the foods being offered in our schools:

Marion Nestle

For Earth Day you can help the environment without turning your backyard into a garden. Jerry spoke to David Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation about how you can make your backyard a natural wildlife habitat:

Backyard Habitat for Wildlife

Also featured all of this month has been the exciting line-up of new environmental programs that PBS is presenting in honor of Earth Day. Jerry spoke to Hal Weiner, Producer of "Journey to Planet Earth," a two-part series hosted by Matt Damon that features stories of hope about what's being done to protect the Earth. The program also tells us, though, that there is a lot of work to be done.

Weiner is an award-winning producer and has fascinating insight into the creation of "Journey to Planet Earth." Listen to both of Jerry's interviews with him here:

"Journey to Planet Earth"

Hal Weiner

Jerry also talked to Fred Kaufman, the Executive Producer of the Nature series on PBS andCo-Producer of "Deep Jungle." In this PBS feature, we learn about the amazing methods used by Kaufman's team to film some of the most fascinating creatures in nature:

"Deep Jungle"

Check back often at ENN as we and EarthNews Radio continue to cover the continuing presentations of exciting environmental programming on PBS. Later this month, EarthNews Radio turns to the skies. Stay tuned for "Sky Tour," coming soon.