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Willie Nelson’s Biodiesel is Now Available in Austin, Texas

Legendary musician and biodiesel pioneer Willie Nelson today announced that “BioWillie” is now available at a retail pump in Willie’s home town of Austin.

Dallas, Texas — Legendary musician and biodiesel pioneer Willie Nelson today announced that “BioWillie” is now available at a retail pump in Willie’s home town of Austin. “BioWillie” is the singer’s unique brand of B20 biodiesel. Biodiesel is a clean burning biodegradable fuel that is produced domestically utilizing our nations’ farmers while at the same time reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil.

A B5 blend will initially be offered at the Majorbrand gas station, just off highway I-35 exit 232B on the south side of Austin. The blend will be increased from B5 to B20 blend after the first few loads have been sold.

"Biodiesel is the future,” said Nelson, founder of Willie Nelson Biodiesel. “This is a great day for America when a retailer in my home town of Austin decides to make biodiesel available, especially with historically high fuel prices highlighting how much the fuel we use impacts every aspect of our lives. All drivers are trying to find economical ways to eliminate their dependence on foreign oil and biodiesel is the most practical and readily available alternative for diesel users. We have the necessary product right here at home, our farmers can grow it and diesel powered vehicles can use it without any modifications to their engines."

Nelson has been a long time supporter of farmers since the 80’s with his Farm Aid organization. Nelson learned about biodiesel after his wife purchased a diesel Jetta and started using biodiesel to fuel it. Nelson and Peter Bell, of biodiesel supplier Distribution Drive, along with three other partners formed the Willie Nelson Biodiesel partnership in December 2004 to bring biodiesel to the country.

BioWillie fuel is already available at the Carl’s Corner truck stop, plus other locations Texas locations like the Loves Travel stop in Midlothian, the RK Travel Center in Amarillo and two retail outlets in Ft. Worth. Company representatives say future plans include seeing truck stops and gas stations carrying the B20 BioWillie blend of biodiesel all over the Lone Star state.

Biodiesel offers environmental and engine benefits. It significantly cuts hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and virtually all sulfur emissions. Biodiesel blends increase lubricity, adding to engine life. With biodiesel’s high flash point and non-toxicity, it is extremely safe to use and handle. It also has the highest energy balance of any fuel according to a Department of Energy analysis that shows for every unit of energy put into producing biodiesel, 3.2 units of energy are gained.

To find out more about Willie Nelson’s Biodiesel, visit www.wnbiodiesel.com.

Source: CSRwire, Willie Nelson's Biodiesel