Dakota Beef Sponsors New Organic Resource Center

Dakota Beef LLC today announced the unveiling of the Organic Resource Center.

Howard, South Dakota — Dakota Beef LLC today announced the unveiling of the Organic Resource Center. The goal of the Internet site is to provide consumers and trade groups with a comprehensive source of information about the organic foods industry, as well as a way for them to communicate with other people interested in the organic food industry.

The Organic Resource Center consists of:

--News articles, studies, and stories relating to the organic food industry that is updated daily.
--Listings of Organic Food Companies with a short introduction and a link to their websites.
--A directory of Organic Organizations that support the organic food industry with links to their websites.
--A message board which allows visitors to post their questions and comments about the organic food movement.

The Organic Resource center can be found at www.organicresource.org. Dakota Beef will maintain the site and help develop it into one of the premier sources of organic information for people interested in sustainable agriculture, organic foods, and the environment.

Dakota Beef LLC is the leading certified organic beef company in the country, operating its own certified organic, USDA inspected processing plant in Howard, South Dakota in the heart of cattle country. The company only sells certified organic beef products and its cattle are never administered antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones. All of its cattle are born and raised on certified organic pasture in the Midwest. Its animals are always treated humanely both to reduce stress, and to help their natural immune systems operate at their fullest potential. Dakota Beef finishes its cattle on a proprietary mix of certified organic grains to promote high levels of marbling and ensure consistently flavorful and tender beef.