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Delano Debuts High-End Women's Coat Made With 100% Organic Wool

Sage by Delano Collection has launched its debut piece - a women's winter coat made with organic wool and bamboo fabric.

Sage by Delano Collection has launched its debut piece - a women's winter coat made with organic wool and bamboo fabric. The shell material - 100% organic wool - is among the first of its kind in the world, and was co-developed by Delano Collection's President and Lead Designer, Charles Heckman. Bamboo also possesses amazing environmental benefits - it grows approximately 1-1.5 feet per day during peak season and also cleanses the surrounding soil and air as it grows.

Delano Collection's textiles come from the US: The coats and the organic wool fabric are manufactured in New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA, respectively.

Delano says that by designing high-end clothing made from organic and sustainable materials, it puts "the desperately needed emphasis on the fashion in eco-fashion." According to a May 2005 article by Jordan K. Speer of Apparel Magazine, consumers spent more than $240 million dollars globally on organic clothing in 2003 and the industry is steadily growing.

"We are not designing sustainable clothing to only target a niche eco-conscious market," says co-designer Jina Lee. "Being fashionable and having concern for the environment and society should not be mutually exclusive. Our clothing is sophisticated and sexy - nothing about our work even hints at eco-fashion's less-than-fashionable past."

"Luxury is being redefined. Modern luxury is a garment made locally in the U.S. - created with the purest and highest quality materials", says co-designer Charles Heckman. In a recent poll by GMI, 42% of U.S. consumers said that they would be willing to pay more for organic, environmentally friendly or socially responsible products.

In order to gain organic certification, farmers must ensure that livestock feed and forage land must be certified organic from the last third of gestation.

"The ultimate goal is to retire the term 'eco-fashion.' All clothing should be made responsibly" says Heckman.

In addition to a full line of pieces for the Sage by Delano Collection brand, Delano Collection is also currently working on a menswear brand and home ware brand for release in spring 2006.

Delano Collection, Inc. is a New York based company devoted to creating sophisticated apparel, furniture and home ware from the highest quality sustainable and organic materials. Each piece of the collection is designed and manufactured in the United States.

Source: Delano Collection, Inc.