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Computer Industry Dominates EPA's 'Best Workplaces for Commuters' List

Intel, Qualcomm, and Oracle lead the U.S. EPA's second annual list of Best Workplaces for Commuters from the Fortune 500 Companies.

WASHINGTON — Intel, Qualcomm, and Oracle lead the U.S. EPA's second annual list of Best Workplaces for Commuters from the Fortune 500 Companies. The companies are being recognized for their role in offering commuter benefits that reduce fuel consumption, vehicle emissions and traffic congestion across the country.

EPA's Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC) partnership provides a way for employers to encourage energy conservation by offering commuter benefits, such as subsidized transit passes and vanpool vouchers, telework and rideshare programs, bike lockers, showers, and an emergency ride home.

Almost 600,000 employees receive commuter benefits from BWC's list of Fortune 500 companies. This results in the reduction of approximately 270,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to eliminating emissions from more than 53,000 cars each year and saving nearly 30 million gallons of gasoline, or $88 million at today's gas prices.

Employers large and small are making a difference with BWC. Participating employers in the BWC program offer commuter benefits to more than 2.8 million employees nationwide, including nearly 600,000 employees from Fortune 500 companies. Overall, the program conserves 146 million gallons of gasoline and prevents the release of 1.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, while saving commuters more than $400 million annually at current gas prices.

The companies being honored have met EPA's National Standard of Excellence. In addition, EPA is showcasing its "Top 20 List." The companies on this list offer these commuter benefits to the highest percentages of their U.S. workforce.

To meet the National Standard of Excellence for commuter benefits and qualify as one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters, employers must provide:

--At least one primary commuter benefit, such as a monthly transit/vanpool pass subsidy or a significant telecommuting program

--At least three supporting commuter benefits, such as carpool/vanpool incentives, lockers/showers for bikers or walkers, compressed/flexible work schedules, or on-site daycare

--A central point of contact, who actively informs employees of available commuter benefits

--Access to an Emergency or Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

For the second year in a row, Intel is topping the list. Intel earned its number-one spot by offering a high caliber of commuter benefits to 92% of the company's workforce.

The Top 20 Best Workplaces for Commuters from the Fortune 500 Companies are:

1. Intel
2. Qualcomm, Oracle (tie)
4. Sun Microsystems
5. Microsoft
6. Texas Instruments, Cisco Systems, Advanced Micro Devices (tie)
9. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
10. Safeco
11. EMC Corporation
12. Boeing
13. Devon Energy, El Paso Corporation, Nike, Inc. (tie)
16. Hewlett-Packard
17. IBM, Reliant Energy (tie)
19. Wyeth
20. Apple Computer

Source: Greenbiz.com