Environmental News Network Launches ENN Expo

Environmental News Network announced today the launch of its latest interactive feature, ENN Expo.

Environmental News Network announced today the launch of its latest interactive feature, ENN Expo. The Expo is an exciting new opportunity for today's environmental innovators to showcase their products to an environmentally-conscious audience though an interactive medium. The Expo is designed to give the makers of the latest green services, products, and technologies the opportunity to market them in a multimedia format to the large, demographically desirable audience of ENN.

Jerry Kay, publisher of ENN said of the launch, "I find this very exciting because I really believe there are incredible products being made that we can help give visibility to."

The Expo comprises 29 industry categories such as Alternative Energy, Environmental Consulting, and Personal Care, guaranteeing that ENN member organizations that post to the Expo will have a targeted audience for their products. Environmentally-conscious consumers will be able to easily find and learn about products they're interested in by clicking on a particular industry on the Expo page. All companies within that industry will be displayed, and the reader can then access the company's individual post. Also, the main page of ENN Expo will list the five most recent companies and organizations to post an Expo feature.

The honor of first entry to ENN Expo goes to PowerFlare Corporation, a maker of a safe, rugged, and environmentally friendly alternative to the common roadside flare. The company's PowerFlare Safety Light was invented by a police officer -- and this interesting bit of company history is featured in the Expo entry. PowerFlare's posting also includes a picture of its primary product, information about its other offerings, and contact information. The Expo is just the medium for companies such as PowerFlare to market new products such as the PowerFlare Safety Light.

Member companies that post on ENN Expo are able to provide company contact information such as an address, phone number, and contact name; or the post can be a sophisticated multimedia presentation including sound and video. The Expo is designed to give the member company the flexibility to create its own presentation without having to go through a lengthy design process. The interactive feature of the Expo allows for creativity, but also simplicity and ease in creating an effective marketing tool.


Companies may register for the Expo at www.enn.com/expo/signup.html. You can visit ENN Expo on its homepage at www.enn.com/expo/.