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More Japan Industries Raise CO2 Emission Cut Targets


TOKYO - Japanese trucking firms, home builders, instant noodle makers and sugar manufacturers promised to take additional measures to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the country meet climate change goals, the government said.

The announcement follows similar moves to raise reduction targets announced by 17 industries, including chemical makers, paper makers and oil refiners, for additional cuts of a total of 15.5 million tonnes a year of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent.

The new goals by the four industries are seen helping bring the total CO2 cuts by the 21 industries to around 20 million tonnes or higher, enough to clear the minimum levels required under the Kyoto Protocol.

Japan is struggling to meet its target of cutting emissions from 1990 levels by 6 percent over the 2008-2012 period.

Japan's greenhouse gas emissions reached 1.36 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent in the year ended March 2006, some 7.8 percent above the base year of 1990.

In the fiscal year beginning April 2010, Japan would have to cut an additional 20-34 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in order to meet its target, according to a test calculation.

Of the four new industries which raised their targets for emissions reduction, Japan Trucking Association aims to cut an additional 4.39 million tonnes a year of CO2 in fiscal 2010.

Japan Federation of Housing Organization plans to cut an additional 1.51 million tonnes of CO2, an official with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said.

It did not give details on how the industries would achieve the emission cuts.

Japan is scheduled to compile its new framework to meet the emissions cut targets by the end of March.