ENN Week in Review : Nov 12th - 16th


We've rounded up some of the important stories you may have missed this week.  ENN Weekly: Many bear species face extinction, Russia's Oil Spill on the Black Sea, Dutch official wary of Biofuels unseen impacts, China's growing energy & pollution problems, Honda goes solar and much more.


 ENN Weekly Roundup November 12th -16th 2007:

Monday November 12th



1.Six of 8 bear species at risk of extinction: group

OSLO - Six of the world's eight bear species are under threat of extinction after the addition on Monday of the sun bear, the world's smallest type of bear, to a "Red List" which says China's panda is most at risk.

2. Russia tackles oil spill after storm wreaks havoc

ILYICH, Russia - Russian rescue helicopters searched for five missing seamen on Monday after a storm in the northern mouth of the Black Sea, while a slick of oil from a sunken tanker began washing onto beaches.

Tuesday November 13th 

3. Palm oil: Cooking the Climate

The manufacturers of these products - Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever - are sourcing their palm oil from suppliers who aren't picky about where they site their plantations. As the volunteers at the Forest Defenders Camp in Sumatra have seen, this includes tearing up areas of pristine forest then draining and burning the peatlands.

4. Dutch official wary of biofuels impact on food supplies

THE HAGUE  - Policymakers should be cautious of biofuels' effect on food costs, Dutch Agriculture Minister Gerda Verburg said, emphasizing the need to develop new non-food raw materials.

Wednesday November 14th

5.Honda: Solar Production Begins

Though Honda has been mass producing solar cells since October, and has begun sales of them, the opening of Honda Soltec’s production facility in Kumamoto, Japan makes it official: Honda’s in the solar business.

6.China Power Plant Emissions to Rise 60% by 2017

WASHINGTON  - Climate-warming emissions from China's power plants -- already among the world's worst greenhouse polluters -- will rise by some 60 percent in the next decade, a new global database showed on Wednesday.

Thursday November 15th

7.Paying Farmers to Protect the Planet is Future: U.N.

ROME - Paying farmers to protect the environment -- rather than just for their produce -- will be an important way to ensure a rapidly increasing demand for food does not destroy the planet, a U.N. agency said on Thursday.

8.U.S. groups Seek Protection for Loggerhead Turtles

MIAMI  - Loggerhead sea turtles in U.S. Atlantic waters face extinction from commercial fishing and global warming and should be designated an endangered species, two environmental groups said on Thursday

Friday November 16th 

9.Pump pain heats up pressure for new energy law

WASHINGTON - Pressure for the U.S. Congress to pass new legislation to increase vehicle fuel efficiency and hike renewable fuel use is mounting as a surge in oil prices sends consumer fuel costs toward fresh records.

10.China pulls bank loans to 12 major polluters

BEIJING- Twelve polluting enterprises have had crucial bank loans recalled, suspended or rejected as China's new "green-credit policy" kicks into action, Friday's China Youth Daily said.