One Block off the Grid: How 1BOG is saving you money on solar panels

What's better than greening your home? How about when your whole community jumps on the green bandwagon and saves you money in the process. Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not with the help of 1BOG.

What is 1BOG?

1BOG, which stands for One Block off the Grid, is a company focused on providing homeowners with group discounts up to 15-20% on solar panels. One Block off the Grid is a metaphor for eliminating one block’s worth of dirty energy usage out of every city per campaign by switching to solar energy.


Their mission is to spread the adoption of solar panels across the nation, one community at a time. 1BOG organizes people in a community to get discounted solar panels for their homes. Their website,, answers any questions you might have about solar panels, including the benefits, myths, and costs, to educate you before you invest in solar panels. 1BOG also explains, in an easy-to-follow manual, how they provide members with solar panel discounts.

How does 1BOG work?

Their logic is simple: A person alone has little power to negotiate discounts on green home improvements; however, as a group, 1BOG can give to you and others huge discounts on solar panels.

There are three problems that consumers have with solar panels that 1BOG hopes to eliminate:

1. Solar panels are expensive
2. Solar panels can be confusing to learn about
3. How do you decide which solar panel installers to trust to do a good job?

If you are thinking about installing solar panels for your home, and are experiencing any of these problems, 1BOG strives to eliminate them by:

1. Offering group discounts, averaging 15%, to your community by negotiating with solar panel providers
2. Offering reliable, in-depth information about solar panels on their website
3. Negotiating with the best installers for low prices and high quality. 1BOG’s solar panel team chooses trustworthy installers for you, so you don’t have to worry about finding an installer yourself.

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