This Week on ENN Radio: Energy Efficient Champions, ‘Edens Lost and Found,’ Green Hotels, and Streets & Trips GPS

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This week's ENN Radio show with Jerry Kay begins by introducing listeners to the Energy Efficiency Champions program run by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

ACEEE's Industrial Program Director tells Jerry that the Energy Efficiency Champions contest highlights emerging leaders in energy efficiency. To find out more -- or to nominate a company or individual -- visit the Council's web site at The deadline for nominations is June 16th.

Next, Jerry speaks with Harry Wiland, co-author of the innovative book, Edens Lost and Found: How Ordinary Citizens are Restoring Our Great American Cities.

The book, which has also been made into a PBS series, academic curriculum with teachers' guide, and directory, focuses on four cities -- Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Seattle -- with vastly different problems that have made incredible progress in addressing their respective challenges through community involvement. Find out more by going to

Patricia Griffin, president and founder of the Green Hotels Association joins Jerry for an insightful discussion of how hotels large and small are taking steps to green up. Commitment on the part of hotel management, Griffin says, is key in the effort to green a hotel, but there are many ways in which consumers can do their part. By simply taking shorter showers, turn off lights and appliances when leaving the room, closing drapes, and bringing their own shampoo and conditioner, hotel visitors can go a long way toward supporting a hotel's efforts to spare the environment. For more, visit the Green Hotel Association web site at

Finally, Jerry learns all about Microsoft's Street & Trips GPS product, which brings much-needed affordability to the GPS market. Product Manager Helen Chiang tells Jerry that this mapping tool gives travelers the power to plan their trip down to the most minute detail. Features including turn-by-turn directions and numerous places of interest take much of the stress and time-consuming planning out of traveling... all for only $129! Be sure to listen to the whole interview: If you're the first one to email Jerry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the correct answer to his question, you could win your very own copy of Streets & Trips!

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