How high is air pollution in your city and how does it compare to the most polluted cities in the world?


Pollution is a greater global threat than Ebola and HIV, according to warnings by the World Health Organisation. 

According to its recent report, one in four deaths among children aged under five are now due to environmental hazards such as air pollution and contaminated water.

Previously this year, air pollution levels in London were worse than those in Beijing for a brief period - with the UK capital's pollutants frequently breaking UK limits. 

How does the UK compare to the world?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), London is just a mid-table city when it comes to the international league table of polluted places.

London only ranked 1,389th out of the nearly  3,000 cities and towns around the world monitored in the WHO's database of annual air pollution readings.

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Image Credit:   Matt Dunham/AP