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July 10th - 14th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news July 10th - 14th: Wine and warming, mercury in tuna, World Heritage sites, praise for Wal Mart, and much more.

The Week's Top Ten Articles

In the news July 10th - 14th: Wine and warming, mercury in tuna, World Heritage sites, praise for Wal Mart, and much more.

1. Climate Change Could Slash U.S. Wine Industry
Global warming could slash productivity in prime U.S. wine-making areas like California's Napa and Sonoma valleys by century's end, leaving some of the best temperatures for grape-growing in New England, researchers reported Monday.

2. Higher Mercury Levels Found in Imported Tuna
Some imports of canned tuna to the United States have mercury levels higher than the federal limit, according to analysis by an environmental group.

3. U.N. Adds 18 Sites to Heritage List, but Not Everest
Mediaeval crusader castles in Syria and ancient irrigation systems in Oman were among 18 new cultural and natural sites added to the U.N.'s World Heritage list this week, officials said on Thursday.

4. Gore Praises Wal-Mart for Sustainability Plans
Former Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday praised Wal-Mart for a newfound focus on environmental sustainability, saying the retailer showed there is no conflict between the environment and the economy.

5. U.S. Farm Town Tries for All-Renewable Energy
A farming hamlet in Reynolds, Indiana is aiming to generate its own electricity and gas, using everything from municipal trash to farm waste, hog manure and even town sewage.

6. Group Files Lawsuit to Prevent New Grazing Rules
A conservationist group is asking a federal court to block new grazing regulations that it contends would give ranchers more water rights and control over public lands.

7. New Assessment of Dioxin Cancer Risk Needed
The cancer risk from the chemical dioxin -- present in some U.S. soil, food supplies and most Americans' bodies -- needs to be reassessed by the Environmental Protection Agency before it sets a new standard for cleanup, a U.S. scientific panel reported Tuesday.

8. Volcanic Leaks Point to Climate Gas Storage Risks
Hundreds of deaths caused by volcanic leaks of carbon dioxide from Cameroon to California are worrying experts seeking ways to bury industrial emissions of the gas as part of an assault on global warming.

9. Huge California Fire Sweeps toward Resort Town, Forest
A massive California wildfire marched toward a mountain resort town and a parched national forest Thursday, threatening to combine with a second blaze in what state officials called a "very critical" situation.

10. Tom Brokaw Joins the Battle against Global Warming
Tom Brokaw is giving Al Gore some company in the effort to raise awareness of global warming. The former NBC anchorman is host of "Global Warming: What You Need to Know," which doubles as an explainer and call to action for average Americans.

Photo: Loggerhead turtle hatchlings emerge after 47-66 days of incubation and head out to sea. Credit: WWF-Canon/Martin Harvey.

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