• Energy Deals Enables New Boston Hotel to Go Green

    WALTHAM, Mass. - Boston's Hotel Indigo will soon receive a substantial portion of its electricity, space heat, swimming pool heat and domestic hot water directly from an on-site cogeneration facility, providing 100 kW and 732,000 btu's per hour of energy while offsetting up to 328 tons of CO2 gas each year.

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  • AskPablo: Should I buy a hybrid?

    I began by researching the prices and fuel economy of five hybrid vehicles and their non-hybrid counterparts: Ford Escape, Honda Civic, Nissan Altima, Saturn Aura, and the Toyota Camry. The Saturn Aura Hybrid is not priced much higher than the standard model but some research showed that this vehicle is a bit of a joke in the hybrid vehicle world. It's mpg increase is not impressive, the electric motor is weak, and the vehicle can apparently only run in fully electric mode up to 3 miles per hour. For these reasons I have excluded the Saturn Auro from the results. The Toyota Prius is also notably absent, a decision made due to the fact that the Prius is a hybrid specific vehicle and there is no non-hybrid baseline vehicle to compare it to. >> Read the Full Article
  • Japanese company investing $16.6 million in California Wind Energy

    Tokyo, Escondito, Calif. - Oak Creek Energy Systems, Inc., announced today that it has received approval by a majority vote of its shareholders to allow Marubeni Corporation of Japan (MARUBENICORP 8002) to acquire a controlling interest. The transaction will occur through a $16.6 million equity investment in Oak Creek Holdings, Inc., a newly formed parent holding company. Oak Creek, a leading California renewable energy company in development, construction and operation of wind energy projects, will also enter into a Development Agreement which will give it the opportunity to be Marubeni's exclusive wind energy development partner for North America.



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  • Chicago’s Alleys Turning Green

    A new initiative will help make Chicago’s 1,900 miles (3,000 kilometers) of alleyways more sustainable. The miniature streets behind homes and buildings, used mainly for garbage collection and parking access, keep main roads cleaner and less congested but are prone to flooding. The city’s innovative Green Alley Program promotes improved construction techniques and materials that can improve drainage, reduce runoff, and relieve strain on the city’s aging sewer system. >> Read the Full Article
  • "Naughty" nations in a coal lot of trouble in Bali

    BALI, Indonesia (Reuters) - It's not easy being green. Particularly if you are big polluters Saudi Arabia, the United States and Canada. All three earned the first "Fossil of the Day Awards" at U.N.-led climate change talks in Bali on Monday, with each receiving a little sack of coal adorned with their national flags at a mock award ceremony filled with boos and laughter.

    The awards, a daily feature of annual Kyoto Protocol gatherings, are presented by youth delegations from around the world to heap scorn on nations accused of having less-than-green views.

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  • U.S. says seeks new climate deal, rejects Kyoto

    BALI, Indonesia (Reuters) - The United States said on Monday it would seek a new global deal to fight climate change after Australia's move to ratify the Kyoto Protocol isolated it as the only developed nation outside the current U.N. pact.

    "We're not here to be a roadblock," U.S. delegation leader Harlan Watson said on the opening day of a December 3-14 meeting of almost 190 nations in Bali, Indonesia, seeking to agree a roadmap to work out a successor to Kyoto which runs to 2012.

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  • Bali meet must spur investment

    BALI (Reuters) - Climate talks launched in Bali on Monday must assure investors of future government backing for climate-friendly energy and building projects, said the host of the meeting, Indonesia's Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar.

    The talks in Bali, attended by some 190 countries, will try and lay the foundations for a new climate change deal in time to replace or extend the Kyoto Protocol from 2013.

    A key challenge will be to entice business to invest in cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for climate change.

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  • Australia steals show at Bali climate talks

    BALI, Indonesia (Reuters) - Australia won an ovation at the start of U.N.-led climate change talks in Bali on Monday by agreeing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, isolating the United States as the only developed nation outside the pact.

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  • Asian stock rally pauses after Oil slides

    HONG KONG (Reuters) - Oil bounced back above $89 a barrel on Monday, steadying from last week's near $10 slide, but Asian stock markets took a breather after posting their best weekly gain in more than three months.

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  • Germany shows contradictions on climate change

    BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany is the world's sixth largest emitter of greenhouses gases, builds some of the fastest and most polluting cars on the road, rejects speed limits to cut CO2 and is replacing its nuclear power with coal-burning plants.

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