• Wal-Mart installs solar power at store

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wal-Mart and SunPower Corp said on Monday that they have completed a 390-kilowatt solar power system installation at the retailer's Sam's Club warehouse store in Chino. The companies said the warehouse club is the first of seven Wal-Mart facilities in California that will receive SunPower solar power systems. >> Read the Full Article
  • China's cleaner power firms feel unfairly squeezed

    Some of China's cleaner but small energy producers said on Monday Beijing does not recognize their efficiency, and with profits squeezed between rising coal costs and falling tariffs they had been forced to halt operations. Jiang Zhangshui, chairman of Zhejiang Tianma Heat and Power Co Ltd, said the on-grid tariff for their electricity was cut by some 10 percent since mid-December, as they are improperly classified as small coal-fired generators. >> Read the Full Article
  • New Methane Storage Technology Exceeds DOE Goals

    Hong-Cai Zhou and colleagues note that lack of an effective, economical and safe on-board storage system for methane gas has been one of the major hurdles preventing methane-driven automobiles from competing with traditional ones. Methane stands out among various alternative fuels when its profusion and availability are considered. However, the lack of an effective, economic and safe on-board storage system is one of the major technical barriers preventing methane-driven automobiles from competing with the traditional ones, say the study authors. >> Read the Full Article
  • PG&E seeking to develop biomethane facility

    California utility PG&E Corp said on Thursday it is looking for partners to develop and operate a biomethane facility as it looks to increase its use of renewable energy sources. Biomethane is pipeline-quality gas derived from organic material such as agricultural crops, manure or wood wastes. PG&E already has contracts to buy some natural gas captured from cow manure. >> Read the Full Article
  • S.Korea SK Energy to ban single-hulled tankers 2010

    South Korea's SK Energy, which operates the world's second-biggest refinery, said on Friday it will not use single-hulled oil tankers from 2010, a year ahead of the government's new deadline. SK Energy's move follows its rival GS Caltex, South Korea's second-biggest refiner, which said earlier this week it would ban such tankers from next year in the wake of the country's worst oil spill, which occurred last month. >> Read the Full Article
  • Analysis: Banning “Bad” Biofuels, Becoming Better Consumers

    Casual observers might consider it a setback for proponents of ethanol and biodiesel now that Europe is planning to ban biofuels made from crops grown on high-value conservation lands. But the truth is, shunning biofuels produced on wetlands, grasslands, and deforested land is good for both critics and supporters. Overall, it’s even good for the biofuel industry because it might restore some faith in their product, which has been attacked from all corners in recent months. The main problem with Europe’s new law, in fact, may be that it is not stringent enough. >> Read the Full Article
  • Aker says to build $159 million carbon unit

    OSLO (Reuters) - Norwegian industrial group Aker ASA said it and a partner will invest 875 million crowns ($159.3 million) to build a facility to capture carbon dioxide emissions, saying it will be the first and biggest of its kind. Aker predicted that building such plants for industrial and power plants around the world could become a business as important as building oil platforms, and that it could make money out of helping to solve the global climate crisis. >> Read the Full Article
  • Gore says "changing light bulbs" not enough

    Climate campaigner Al Gore urged world policymakers on Thursday to change laws "not just light bulbs" in tackling global warming, and a UN official said world market turmoil must not be allowed to delay action. An annual meeting of world political and business leaders in Davos, Switzerland, this year has scheduled a record number of sessions and workshops on global warming. But a sharp downturn on markets and fears of recession have dominated discussion. >> Read the Full Article
  • French billionaire joins charge on car batteries

    ERGUE-GABERIC, France (Reuters) - Billionaire corporate raider turned ecology activist Vincent Bollore on Thursday opened a factory to produce batteries for electric cars that could be flooding cities from Tokyo to Turin. The factory, on the site of a family's paper business started in 1822, will produce 10,000 lithium-metal-polymer batteries a year and cost 36 million euros ($52.8 million), taking investment in the project to 250 million euros, Bollore said during a press trip to the site. >> Read the Full Article
  • Wind Energy Grows 45% in 2007

    The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported last week record growth in wind power generation with 5,244 megawatts of capacity installed in 2007 – a 45% increase reflecting $9 billion in investment and 30% of all new power generating capacity in 2007. 2008, however, will likely show growing pains as there is a current shortage of wind turbines, a situation that the AWEA sees as a big opportunity for manufacturers and entrepreneurs wishing to get in on a growing market. There’s always a better mouse trap – wind energy technology is ripe for imaginative innovators to not only fill the current need for parts, but to continually make those parts better. >> Read the Full Article