• Focus the Nation, Focus on Coal

    It’s safe to say that most Americans aren’t up to speed on global warming. They may be aware of the problem and some - a relative few - may even be taking steps to help out, to cut their carbon footprint. But most are doing nothing, nada, zip. Some politicians, state and federal, are speaking out of course and making some headway legislatively. Many companies, too, are doing at least something such as cutting their own emissions, investing in green technologies and offering products that promise lower emissions. Overall, the green energy industry is growing. >> Read the Full Article
  • World oil demand to peak before supply: BP

    World oil production may peak in the coming years, but it will be because of a decline in demand for petroleum rather than constraint on supply, a BP economist said on Wednesday. The comments come in the wake of remarks from other industry officials who in recent months have questioned mainstream supply forecasts, suggesting a peak in output may be closer than the industry has previously admitted. >> Read the Full Article
  • Canada seen setting new car efficiency standards

    Cannon's office announced on Wednesday that he would announce "a major environmental initiative" at the Montreal International Auto Show at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday.

    >> Read the Full Article
  • Canada sacks nuclear watchdog over reactor closure

    OTTAWA (Reuters) - The Canadian government fired the country's top nuclear watchdog over how she handled the closure of a reactor that makes medical radioisotopes and said on Wednesday her conduct could have cost people their lives. Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission President Linda Keen lost her job late on Tuesday for refusing to allow a 50-year-old reactor at the Chalk River facility in Ontario to reopen after a maintenance shutdown in November. >> Read the Full Article
  • German nuclear reactor row goes to higher court

    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A court ruled on Wednesday that a dispute between the German government and a power group about whether to close a major nuclear reactor will be referred to the country's Federal Administrative Court. The decision prolongs a dispute between the operator, Vattenfall Europe, which last year applied to keep the 806 megawatts plant open beyond 2010, and the Environment Ministry, which threw out the application. >> Read the Full Article
  • Bulgaria launches EU push to reopen nuclear units

    Bulgaria has launched talks to convince fellow European Union members to let it reopen two nuclear power reactors that it had to shut to win EU entry, the government said on Wednesday. The closure of the 440 megawatt units at Kozloduy nuclear power plant in late 2006 caused big financial losses to Bulgaria and led to power deficits in the Balkans, Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev told a news conference. >> Read the Full Article
  • More of U.S. grain crop to be consumed by family car

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Almost a third of the U.S. grain crop next year may be diverted from the family dinner table to the family car as fuel, putting upward pressure on food prices, a leading expert warned on Tuesday. Grain prices are near record levels as the United States produces more ethanol, now made mostly from corn, to blend with gasoline and stretch available motor fuel supplies. >> Read the Full Article
  • China wind power hits 5.6 GW

    BEIJING (Reuters) - China's wind power generating capacity surged to 5.6 gigawatts by the end of last year, but over a quarter of it is still not connected to the grid because of bad planning, an industry expert said on Wednesday. Shi Pengfei, vice-president of the Chinese wind energy association, said capacity growth in 2008 is likely to speed up, with another 4 GW expected to be added by the booming industry. This will bring the total amount of turbines erected by the end of this year to nearly 10 GW, or twice Beijing's official target for the end of the decade. >> Read the Full Article
  • Wind Power and M&A: A Moveable Feast

    Multi-billion dollar renewable energy enterprises seem to have sprung up full-blown practically overnight, providing investment bankers, venture capitalists and financiers with their latest moveable feast. Wind power projects and companies were among the first to attract serious attention and capital. While solar and biofuels have likewise come to the fore, wind power investment continues to grow at a healthy clip, constrained more by a lack of key materials than by lack of capital, opportunity, industry or even political will. >> Read the Full Article
  • EU lawmakers seek more time for car CO2 cuts

    Automakers should be given more time to cut carbon dioxide emissions from their cars under legislation proposed by the European Union's executive arm, EU lawmakers said on Tuesday. In a non-binding report, the European Parliament said manufacturers should reduce the average level of car C02 emitted to 125 grams per km by 2015, rather than to 120 grams by 2012 as proposed by the European Commission last month. >> Read the Full Article