• Europe Offers to Cut CO2 Emissions 95%

    Europe attempted to reassert its international leadership in the fight against global warming today, offering to slash its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 95% by 2050 and by 30% by 2020 if a climate change pact is sealed in Copenhagen in six weeks' time. "This should be seen as a clear message to the world," said Andreas Carlgren, the Swedish environment minister who chaired the Luxembourg meeting. "We expect to reach an agreement in Copenhagen," he added, after environment ministers from 27 countries finalised a common EU negotiating position. >> Read the Full Article
  • EU leaders seek treaty, climate change deals

    European Union leaders hope to reach a deal at a summit this week removing the last obstacles to a treaty to give the bloc more global clout, but face a battle over funding for a global climate change agreement. Failure to break the deadlock would risk leaving the 27-country bloc looking impotent when it is trying to strengthen its role on the world stage and the influence of emerging powers such as China is growing following the economic crisis. >> Read the Full Article
  • EPA to develop rule to cut toxic emissions at power plants

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency agreed to issue rules by November 2011 to cut toxic air pollution at electric generating plants that burn coal or fuel oil, a federal court ruled. The court-ordered agreement issued on Thursday will reduce mercury pollution and soot that cause asthma, bronchitis and other heath problems, particularly in children. >> Read the Full Article
  • Are you repelled by insect repellents?

    Many people are concerned about what might be in the insect repellants they apply to their skin or clothing. To repel some mosquitoes, ticks, or other pests, we risk exposure to toxic chemicals with potential health effects. Not to worry, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched a new Web page containing product information on certain skin-applied insect repellents. EPA’s goal is to provide the public with information on registered insect repellents and their effectiveness claims in a clear, consistent, and user-friendly format. >> Read the Full Article
  • EU ministers plan to curb CO2 from planes, ships

    European environment ministers agreed on a proposal on Wednesday to curb global emissions from planes and ships by 10 percent and 20 percent over the next decade in the fight against climate change. >> Read the Full Article
  • U.K.'s Royal Society Pushes GM Crop Use as Hunger Solution

    Research to develop genetically modified crops must be stepped up as part of a £2bn "grand challenge" to avoid future food shortages, an influential panel of scientists said yesterday. In its report, the British Royal Society said that GM techniques would be needed to boost yields and help crops survive harsher climates, as the global population rises and global warming worsens. >> Read the Full Article
  • Clean Diesel Program is Clear Success, Says US EPA

    The EPA says in a report to Congress that the Clean Diesel Program is working as planned. The program, funded at $50 million last year, allowed EPA to fund the purchase or retrofitting of 14,000 diesel-powered vehicles and pieces of equipment, reducing the potential for respiratory illnesses and saving money in communities nationwide. >> Read the Full Article
  • Toyota launches new hybrid, Honda warms to electric

    Toyota Motor Corp is ramping up its push on gasoline-electric hybrids, launching a new model in Japan and taking on up-and-coming rival Hyundai Motor Co in its Korean home market with its flagship Prius. Looking a step beyond hybrids, the head of Honda Motor Co said he was considering launching electric vehicles in the United States, Europe and Japan, indicating a shift in the strategy of Japan's No.2 car maker for zero-emission cars. >> Read the Full Article
  • The Scoop on Soy Candles

    Q: I have an otherwise innocent addiction that may be bad for the Earth: scented candles. I love ’em — cranberry votives, cilantro lime pillars, pumpkin spice tapers, lavender floaters, you name it... every time I get within a 10-mile radius of Ye Olde Candle Shoppe, I get heart palpitations. I keep on seeing soy candles around and hearing about how they are "better," but I’m not exactly sure why. Wax is wax, right? Care to fill me in? >> Read the Full Article
  • China to Move Residents Near Smelter

    China plans to move 15,000 residents in its biggest lead smelting area away from the plants in order to allow them to keep operating, after tests showed over 1,000 children had excessive lead in their blood. >> Read the Full Article