• Monsanto Pressures FDA To Keep Consumers In The Dark

    Monsanto Company is striking back against a trend among dairy processors to ban the use of the company’s genetically engineered hormone, recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), and to label their products as rBST-free. >> Read the Full Article
  • Kroger Phases Out GMO Milk

    The Kroger Company announced today they will stop selling and processing milk from cows injected with the GMO bovine growth hormone by February 2008. That means the Kroger chain will by February, be selling only milk from cows that are rBST-free. The Company said its decision was based on customer feedback in the markets it serves. Earlier this year, Kroger transitioned the milk it sells in the western half of the U.S. to a certified rBST-free supply. >> Read the Full Article
  • Natural Fungicide Gives Garlic Growers Hope

    The noble, world-famous bulb that made Gilroy, California famous, Italian food delicious, and French bread irresistible may soon be able to make a comeback in California thanks to a new natural fungicide being developed and tested by University of California scientists. >> Read the Full Article