• U.S. greenhouse emissions fell 1.5 percent in 2006

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. emissions of the gases blamed for global warming fell 1.5 percent in 2006 on mild weather and increased use of natural gas to generate power and alternative energy, the government estimated on Wednesday.

    The Energy Information Administration, the analytical arm of the Department of Energy, estimated that 2006 emissions fell to 7,075.6 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

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  • Willie Wonka and the Chocolate (biodiesel) Truck

    Two men left England last Friday on their way to Timbuktu in a truck powered by chocolate.

    For the sake of accuracy, the truck is powered with biodiesel fuel made from “waste chocolate” (I never knew there was such a thing as waste chocolate!).

    Leaving from England on a ferry across the English channel, the team of Andy Pag and John Grimshaw plan to make their 4.500 mile journey in approximately three weeks.

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  • India slams new U.N. carbon cut recommendations

    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India has criticized a United Nations report for recommending that developing countries cut greenhouse gas emissions to 20 percent below 1990 levels by 2050, newspapers reported on Wednesday.

    The latest Human Development Report, released by the U.N. Development Programme on Tuesday, included some of the strongest warnings yet for collective action to avert catastrophic climate change, which would disproportionately affect the poor.

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  • Chile aims to clear fuel slick from Antarctic ship

    SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Chile said on Tuesday it sent a navy icebreaker to disperse a diesel fuel slick left by a cruise ship that sank in Antarctic waters last week.

    More than 150 passengers and crew were evacuated safely by lifeboats on Friday from the Canadian-owned ship Explorer that hit ice off King George Island in Antarctica.

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  • EU says must do more to meet Kyoto targets

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union nations must step up efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions if the bloc is to meet its Kyoto Protocol targets on fighting climate change, the EU executive said on Tuesday.

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  • Green group urges Laos to stop dam expansion plan

    BANGKOK (Reuters) - A major expansion of a hydropower dam in communist Laos will cause serious flooding, ruin fisheries and displace thousands of people living downstream, a Norwegian environmental group said on Tuesday.

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  • The Solution to High Carbon Emissions on the Road? Gigantic Trucks!

    In what at first glance seems like a contradictory move, the British government is pushing gigantic trucks as a way to cut carbon emissions and costs.

    The trucks are called LHVs, for longer, heavier vehicles, or “superlorries”. They are similar to the Australian “road trains”, although they are a bit smaller. It consists of two trailers joined together behind a single engine. The trucks can carry 60% more than normal trucks, which cuts down on costs and carbon emissions.

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  • China says Three Gorges mega-dam threats controlled

    BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese officials in charge of the huge Three Gorges Dam said on Tuesday they had spent billions of yuan to guard against deadly landslides around the reservoir and would seek to minimize threats as waters reached their peak.

    The dam, the world's largest hydro-electric feat, seeks to tame the Yangtze River, while moving up to 1.4 million people, many of them poor hill farmers from Hubei in central China and neighboring Chongqing municipality.

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  • China says huge Three Gorges Dam geologically sound

    BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese officials in charge of the massive Three Gorges Dam denied on Tuesday it is responsible geological "abnormalities," a week after a landslide in the area killed more than 30 people.

    A statement from the Three Gorges project construction committee office said a "geological hazard repair programme" in the dam area was proceeding smoothly.

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  • APX to develop greenhouse gas registry

    Private California company APX Inc said on Monday it is creating a registry aimed at increasing transparency in the murky voluntary greenhouse gas emissions offsets industry.

    APX will create the registry for the Gold Standard Foundation, a Swiss-based nonprofit supported by environmental groups that sets standards for voluntary emissions offset credits.

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