• New Exchange For Trading Home-Brewed Biofuels

    Industrially produced biofuels are wildly controversial but it’s very easy to produce good stuff yourself. Small businesses and even individuals are getting into producing their own biodiesel en masse. There’s even a new exchange now on which producers can sell their surplus diesel to interested parties. >> Read the Full Article
  • Laos sunshine turns villagers green

    Only 48 per cent of Laotians are connected to the electrical grid. Access to electricity is limited due to lack of infrastructure and high costs so most rural communities rely on environmentally unfriendly energy sources, such as firewood and kerosene. Solar-powered systems are a logical alternative but start-up costs are high. >> Read the Full Article
  • Norway says wins EU green light for carbon capture

    Norway's government said on Wednesday it has received the go ahead from the European Union to pump more state funds into an experimental project to capture carbon dioxide emissions from a gas-fired power plant. >> Read the Full Article
  • Home Solar, Minus the Cost, Effort, Worry

    It seems these days you can't throw a rock without hitting a story relating to solar power. So why haven't you got it for your home yet? I bet you've already come up with a list of three reasons, without even thinking. My guess is they fall into these areas: Cost, efficiency (or lack of it) and aesthetics. Oh and let's throw this one in for good measure: Who lives in their home for 15-30 years these days? Not you, and what good will those panels do you on your next home? >> Read the Full Article
  • Plan to bury climate-warming carbon unveiled

    The United States unveiled plans on Tuesday to bury climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions deep underground to keep the greenhouse gas from further heating up the atmosphere. >> Read the Full Article
  • Costly biofuel support offers few benefits: OECD

    Public support for biofuels is costly and has little impact in cutting greenhouse gas emissions so governments would do better promoting lower energy consumption to fight climate change, the OECD said on Wednesday. Governments should also boost the so-called second generation biofuels that do not use food crops, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said in a report. The study comes as the latest blow to biofuels, made from grains, oilseeds and sugar, which were once hailed for providing a clean alternative to fossil fuels but are now blamed for a surge in food prices. >> Read the Full Article
  • Bombardier launches 'green' aircraft programme

    Canadian planemaker Bombardier announced here Sunday the launch of a series of environmentally friendly single-aisle jets, scheduled to enter service in 2013. German carrier Lufthansa had signed a letter saying it was interested in buying 30 of the CSeries jets and possibly as many as 60, Bombardier said in a statement. >> Read the Full Article
  • Q&A: Open archives — the alternative to open access

    Padmanabhan Balaram, director of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore, India and editor of India's leading science journal, Current Science, tells K. S. Jayaraman why he favours 'open archives' as the way forward for scientific publishing. >> Read the Full Article
  • Rolls-Royce, British Airways to Test Alternative Airline Fuels

    Starting next year, the Rolls-Royce Group and British Airways hope to test up to four airplane fuel alternatives to kerosene. >> Read the Full Article
  • Intel’s Grove Calls for Dual-Fuel Vehicles, Used Vehicle Retrofits

    It's hard not to notice, generally speaking, the stark differences in cultures, personalities and characters of leading lights in the energy and IT industries, particularly when it comes to strategic planning, organizational management and R&D, and especially when it comes to public relations and thinking “outside the box”. The apparent contrasts stand out when it comes to developing renewable energy and clean technology for power generation and transportation. >> Read the Full Article