Green Aviation Management Forum To Address Environmental Strategies, Sustainable Solutions

In September, the Green Aviation Management Forum will examine issues of environmental strategy within the aviation industry and explore sustainable solutions, including emissions trading, alternative fuels, and air traffic management.

NEW YORK -- AVIATION WEEK, the largest multimediainformation and services provider to the global aviation, aerospace anddefense industries, today announced plans to host the Green AviationManagement Forum, September 12 in Brussels, Belgium at the RenaissanceBrussels Hotel. The Forum will examine issues of environmental strategywithin the aviation industry and explore sustainable solutions,including emissions trading, alternative fuels, and air trafficmanagement. The forum will also address regulations, governmentdirectives and policy challenges; the fiscal ramifications of theEuropean Union Emission Trading Scheme; and the latest technologicaldevelopments. The event is expected to attract more than 75executive-level industry professionals and government executives.

Scheduled panelists at the Green Aviation Management Forum includerepresentatives from AVTECH, Boeing Corporation, Civil Air NavigationServices Organisation, Embry-Riddle, General Aviation ManufacturersAssociation, International Air Transport Association, InternationalFederation of Airline Dispatchers' Association, KLM, Platts, and SaSGroup. Delegates will represent senior executives from commercial andmilitary operators and airport managers, aircraft manufacturers andsuppliers, MRO companies, government environmental authorities, andenvironmental NGOs.

"Environmentalism has become an increasingly urgent economic andoperational imperative within the aviation industry," said Tom Henricks,President, AVIATION WEEK. "AVIATION WEEK's Green Aviation ManagementForum will enable participants to become engaged in the sustainableaviation discussion and transform their green policies from a corporateresponsibility to a core business principle," he added.

In addition to the live Brussels event, Green Aviation Management Forumregistrants will also be eligible for complimentary registration at theGreen Aviation eForum, "A Primer in Emissions Trading." The eForum willtake place on August 15, 2007 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. ET.Additional information and online registration for the Green AviationManagement Forum is available at, or bycalling +1.800.240.7645 or +1.212.904.4483.


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