ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

This week on ENN we're starting a new series that will highlight some of the interesting comments made by you, our readers, in the ENN Forum.

This week on ENN we're starting a new series that will highlight some of the interesting comments made by you, our readers, in the ENN Forum. The free exchange of ideas is a fixture here at ENN. We feature opinion and commentary from a number of environmentalists and activists. We also, of course, present the news -- the good, the bad, the innovative, and the outrageous. Our forums give you the ability to weigh in on any and all of what we publish.

On the transportation channel, forum member "Forficula" comments on the efforts to reduce auto emissions from a European perspective. In the US, gas prices are forcing us to look again at the low mileage of our cars. In Europe, cars that get upward of 50 mpg are much more common, as is $4-$6 per gallon gas. Also, Forficula points out that New York City's decision to phase out high-emission diesel vehicles from the public fleet is something that European cities have done for years -- the use of low-sulphur diesel and diesel engines which can be modified to burn cooking oil are among the steps Europeans have taken to reduce the impact of diesel emissions.

In the climate channel, forum member "Moot" responds to our many stories about global warming and climate change with links to a few articles and websites that run somewhat contrary to the norm -- one even insists the earth is heading for an ice age! However, Moot and forum member "Hayduke" remind us to take these articles with a grain of salt. Information is indeed ubiquitous on the Internet -- much more so than veracity!

One Canadian reader, "Manitou bou," tells us about the recycling effort in his home city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Recycling is a "fact of life" in that Canadian city; recycling bins are picked up the same day as the trash. Readers from Los Angeles, Ireland, and the midwestern United States all responded with a discussion about the relative recycling practices in those different regions. Recycling efforts are certainly not universal nor are they anywhere near uniform, leaving debate wide open for which methods and practices work the most efficiently and effectively.

ENN readers take the recycling issue very seriously, and believe that recycling should be taken a step beyond community recycling efforts. In a recent ENN poll, we asked whether you thought computer companies should be responsible for accepting old computers for recycling. By more than a 6 to 1 margin, you thought that they should.


"The Forum Report" will run each week on ENN, so if there are stories happening in your community that you want us to knowabout, post a message in the news forum. Each week we will summarize some ofthe informative comments from our forums. Visit ENN Forum and see what other readers and environmentalists are saying, and take advantage of your opportunity to be heard.