Sustainable Economy This Week

In the month of March ENN is focusing on the concept of "sustainable economy."

In the month of March ENN is focusing on the concept of "sustainable economy." What is it, and what can consumers and product providers do to ensure that stewardship of the environment is part of doing business? And can providing environmentally-friendly products and services be profitable in the long-term? We'll be providing stories throughout the month that seek to answer these questions.

This month so far we've provided numerous stories and examples showing that businesses can be both environmentally conscious and entrepreneurial and profitable.

We focused on a number of companies, products, and initiatives that show that many businesses are not only concerned about the environment, but are putting their money where their mouth is. These businesses are making it easier for consumers to make choices that are cost-effective for them, and that protect our environment.

We told you about Western Wind, a Canadian company that produces and sells only wind power: Western Wind Energy Signs Deal with Southern California Edison.

You learned about grants that are available to researchers, students, and agriculture practitioners: Grants Available to Agriculture Sustainable Economy Practitioners and Researchers.

There is an auto club based in (not surprisingly) Portland, Oregon, that has a novel program to reward owners of hybrids and penalize owners of the most egregiously wasteful vehicles: Auto Club Rewards Hybrids, Surcharges Gas Guzzlers.

We covered the Kyoto-spurred race to develop fuel cells: Kyoto Protocol Spurs Race to Develop Fuel Cells.

A company makes machines that make soda in the home, saving literally millions of bottles and cans from being used and discarded: Soda-Making at Home Eliminates Bottle Waste.

An American company cultivates an environmentally friendly hardwood in Brazil: Not Many Knocks Against Environment-Friendly Hardwood.

And, a family in Texas makes a good living by cleaning up other people's junk: Building a Business on Junk.

We'll be covering many more stories about people and businesses contributing to a sustainable economy throughout the month, so be sure to check out ENN often. Learn about people who are doing something tangible to improve the enviroment; maybe you'll get an idea of your own to pursue.