Coca-Cola, Ford, 3M, 68 Other Facilities Commit to Environmental Improvements Beyond Current Regulatory Requirements

EPA announced 71 facilities from 29 states and Puerto Rico as new or renewing members in a program rewarding facilities that voluntarily exceed regulatory requirements.

Washington — EPA announced 71 facilitiesfrom 29 states and Puerto Rico as new or renewing members in a programrewarding facilities that voluntarily exceed regulatory requirements.The National Environmental Performance Track program rewards facilitiesthat work with their communities, set three-year goals for continuousimprovements in environmental performance and have internal systems inplace to manage their environmental impacts. Only facilities with arecord of sustained compliance with environmental requirements areeligible to participate in this program.

"Performance Track members are demonstrating new ways of achievingtangible environmental results by working collaboratively withgovernment and demonstrating the business value of their environmentalleadership," said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. "Thisrelationship leads to greater efficiency and reduced costs for bothPerformance Track facilities and environmental regulators."

Of special note in this tenth round of Performance Track membership:

The automobile industry is demonstrating increased interest inPerformance Track with the first U.S. auto facility member, the FordMotor Company, Atlanta Assembly Plant, and six Michelin tiremanufacturing facilities.

Fort Lewis Public Works in Fort Lewis, Wash., is the first UnitedStates Army facility in the program.

Thirty-nine new Performance Track facilities have made strongcommitments to the environment in a wide range of categories. Here aresome examples of what these facilities have committed to achieving inthe next three years:--The Coca-Cola North America Syrup Plant in Columbus, Ohio, plansto reduce biological oxygen demand (BOD) pollutant discharges by morethan one-and-one-half million pounds and its water usage by more than900,000 gallons.
--Federal-Mogul -- Boyertown in Boyertown, Pa., plans to reduce itsuse of sulfuric acid by 50 percent.
--The Ford Motor Company, Atlanta Assembly Plant in Atlanta, Ga.,has committed to reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions bymore than 24 tons and water usage by nearly 14 million gallons.
--The Louisiana-Pacific, Jasper OSB facility in Jasper, Texas, hascommitted to reducing its energy use by more than 45,000 million Britishthermal units (MMBtus).
--Michelin Spartanburg Manufacturing in Spartanburg, S.C., plans toreduce water usage by four million gallons and its energy use by morethan 40,000 MMBtus.--The 3M Eau Claire facility in Eau Claire, Wis., has committed toreducing its hazardous waste by more than 1,300 pounds.

In addition to the 39 new members, 32 Performance Track facilities haverenewed their three-year membership in Performance Track by continuingto meet the program's criteria and committing to new environmentalgoals. Some examples:

--Epic Resins in Palmyra, Wis., has committed to a 10 percentoverall energy reduction.
--Nucor Steel Auburn Inc. in Auburn, N.Y., will use scrap tires inits production of steel, reducing its use of coal by more than 500 tons.
--SEH America in Vancouver, Wash., has committed to a 10 percentreduction in energy use, a 50 million gallon reduction in water use, anda 50 percent reduction in hazardous materials.

Since the program's inception in June 2000, Performance Track membershiphas grown and produced solid environmental results. With the latestadditions, the program has over 370 members in 46 states and PuertoRico. To date, Performance Track members have collectively reducedtheir water use by 1.3 billion gallons and their generation of solidwaste by nearly 600,000 tons, increased their use of reused or recycledmaterials by nearly 77,000 tons, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions bythe equivalent of 67,000 tons of carbon dioxide. To read the latestprogram report, visit:

A complete list of new and renewing Performance Track members announcedtoday, as well as a list of companies that have expanded theirmembership in Performance Track, may be found at:

Performance Track encourages participation by all sizes of facilities.The major industries are represented, with chemical, electronic andelectrical, and medical equipment manufacturers composing nearly 40percent of the current members. The public sector is also representedby members such as national defense installations, postal facilities,and municipalities. For more information on Performance Trackmembership rewards and benefits, visit:

Until 2004, Performance Track was entirely a facility-based program.However, the high participation rate of several firms led to thecreation of a Corporate Leader designation for companies with a largenumber of facilities and with corporate policies and practices thatdemonstrate environmental excellence. The first three Performance TrackCorporate Leaders were announced in February. They include: BaxterHealthcare Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, and Rockwell Collins. Formore information on Performance Track Corporate Leaders, visit:

For information on the National Environmental Performance Track programin general, visit:

Source: EPA