Al Gore Addresses Green Building Community at Greenbuild

Al Gore delivered the keynote address to green building professionals at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Phoenix. He praised the leadership of the USGBC for bringing real change to the marketplace, and also urged the crowd to take responsibility for expanding green building globally and to call out greenwashing.

On November 11, former Vice President Al Gore delivered a keynote speech to builders, architects, contractors and other professionals involved in the green building industry at Chase Field in Phoenix. The speech marked the kick off of the US Green Building Council’s (USBGC) three-day conference convening over 24,000 attendees.

Gore praised leadership of the USGBC for bringing real change to the marketplace, and for being a leader in the change for a sustainable future. He also thanked high school and college students around the country who have changed their course of study to one that will help solve the climate crisis. At the same time, he issued a call to action directed toward each member of the audience to personally strive to get involved in changing the future of our environment.



"We’re in a time now where we’ve got to make some big changes," said Gore. "The green movement is growing leaps and bounds across the U.S. and the world—the green movement is not only good for the environment, but for the economy and national security."

He mentioned outdated building codes that need updating as well as sweeping national legislation ensuring that homeowners do not bear all the upfront costs of building sustainable homes that will produce widespread benefits over the life of the home. He also urged the audience to call out greenwashing, which he asserted distracts from the real solutions to climate change.

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