Baking up an alternative business with bugs


Will they bite?


Will they bite?

That’s usually a question entomology students ask about the insects they’re studying. But two University of Alberta bug scholars—student Silvia Ronzani and recent graduate Claudio La Rocca—are asking it of Edmontonians and the delectable cricket-flour-based baked goods they’re creating in their new business, Camola — Sustainable Foods.

And they’re betting personal time and energy, from designing recipes to baking and sampling at farmers’ markets, that locals will indeed bite and get hooked on their delicious, eco-friendly baked goods.

“We’re already in a good position because eating insects as an alternative to meat is not a brand new concept to most Canadians. But it’s still one that takes some education, especially if we’re going to be out ahead of the market,” said Ronzani.


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Image via University of Alberta.