How Micro-Doses of Nature Help Our Health and Climate


Urban greening is emerging as a key part of the solution to some of our major health and environmental challenges. Providing nearby nature offers a surprising range of co-benefits.

Cities around the world are facing major challenges. Industrialised nations are experiencing epidemics of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and dementia, and it would be all too easy to give up hope of finding solutions. But there is positive news.

A growing body of research reveals that spending time outdoors in and around trees, parks and gardens can boost our physical and mental health and help prevent a wide range of diseases.

And just as multiple short bursts of physical activity can have the same benefits as one long exercise session, micro-doses of nature throughout the day really add up.

At the same time, climate change is altering everyday lives. Elevated temperatures and reduced air quality can trigger health concernslike heat stress and asthma.

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Image via University of Melbourne