New Web Tool Will Facilitate Military, Wind Energy Industry Collaboration


Tool developed by Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, others to ensure compatible development of wind energy.

A new web tool, Texas Early Notification Tool, TENT, has been designed for energy industry developers to screen for potential project sites and identify potential issues that should be evaluated by the military.

Given recent growth of the wind energy industry in Texas, along with the prevalence of military installations with aviation missions in the state, land-use compatibility is a common concern for both groups. Early engagement between military and industry stakeholders offers a proactive solution to ensuring compatible development.

TENT was developed by the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, NRI, a member of Texas A&M AgriLife, in collaboration with the Texas Military Preparedness Commission, TMPC, within the Office of the Governor and Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment, DOD-OEA, with input from the American Wind Energy Association, AWEA.

“This project is exciting for many reasons; above all, we were able to find a mutually beneficial balance for all parties involved by facilitating a new conversation between the wind industry and military to advance energy development while protecting the military mission,” said NRI director Roel Lopez, Ph.D.

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Image via Texas A&M AgriLife