UQ Researchers Develop Framework for Climate Change Mitigation in Mining


University of Queensland researchers have developed a framework that aims to reduce the mining industry’s impact on climate change by accounting for sources and sinks of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The proposed framework, published in Nature Geoscience, will allow the mining industry to better monitor, gather and assess emissions data, identify measurement gaps and evaluate and apply mitigation strategies.

UQ Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) researcher and lead author Dr Mehdi Azadi said primary mineral and metal production accounted for about ten per cent of the world’s energy-related GHG emissions in 2018.

He said the framework addressed climate change related issues by identifying major mitigation pathways.

“Rising standards of living have led to increasing demand for mining activities to provide the minerals and metals required by many technologies,” Dr Azadi said.

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Image via University of Queensland