Climate Change Denialism is Something We All Suffer From


Even those who don't question human-induced climate change can fall on the spectrum of climate denialism if they are all talk and no action, a UNSW psychology researcher argues.

Climate change denialism is something that applies to more than just diehard non-believers, a UNSW Sydney researcher argues.

The unprecedented bushfire crisis has strengthened demand for government action on climate change and galvanised Australians to take to the streets protesting against the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Some Australians have taken more drastic action, such as actor Yael Stone who gave up the permanent right to work in the US. But for many people, such action seems unrealistic.

"While we may know it is better for the environment to give up our car for public transport, stop using single-use plastics, or eat less meat — we do not always do all these things all the time.

"It’s almost impossible to live with zero impact on the planet, but it’s what we do when we recognise this that matters", Belinda Xie asserts. 

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Image via University of New South Wales Sydney